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Gaming Instant Ship GX 99138 Gaming  PC
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    Gaming Instant Ship GX 99138

    Operating System: Windows 11 Home (Included)
    System Summary: Intel IET99138 + FREE Shipping + Next Day Rush
    Gaming Chassis: CyberPowerPC Satin Black P350X Mid-Tower Gaming Case Tempered Glass & LED light Strip Retail (Included)
    Extra Case Fans: 3X 120mm CyberPowerPC Dual Addressable Digital ARGB Fans (Included)
    CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i5-12600K 6P/12 + 4E 3.70GHz [Turbo 4.9GHz] 20MB Cache LGA1700 (Included)
    CPU / Processor Cooling Fan: 240mm Liquid CPU Cooling (Included)
    Motherboard: Z690 DDR4 Motherboard (Included)
    RAM / System Memory: 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4/3000MHz MEMORY (Included)
    Video Card: GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Video Card (Ampere) [VR Ready] (Included)
    Power Supply: 800 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply (Included)
    Primary Hard Drive: 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD (Included)
    Internal Network Card: PCI-E INTEL 802.11 AC 3168 WIFI CARD PCI-E (Included)
    Keyboard: CyberPowerPC NOHI 01 Multimedia USB Wired Gaming Keyboard w/ Backlight (Included)
    Mouse: CyberPowerPC Elite M1 131 RGB 7-Color w/ 9 Button, adjustable Weight & lighting effects Gaming Mouse (Included)
    Rush Service: RUSH!!! READY TO SHIP IN NEXT BUSINESS DAY (CyberPower Guarantees Christmas Delivery)
    • Power Supply: Watt Power Metter
    • The Power supply is very important to make sure that the computer is stable.
    • Required (suggested): 0 W.
    • Current selection: 0 W.
    Warning Power Supply doesn't match
    * Compared to Mac and Chromebook. PC hardware capabilities vary depending on device. 1 DirectX 12 only available with supported games and graphics chips. 2 4K functionality available with supported games, monitors, and graphics chips.
    Subtotal: $1849
    True DIY Price :

    Est. ship date: Thursday, 12/9/2021
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    Subtotal: $1849

    Est. ship date: Thursday, 12/9/2021
    Power Metter 600 Watt
    • Current Selection600 Watt
    • Required (suggested)345 Watt

    The Power supply is very important to make sure that the computer is stable.

    FPS 185
    FPS Results Based on 1080P / 1440P
    • NewWorld NA/NA
    • CallofDutyModernWarfare NA/NA
    • CallofDutyWarzone NA/NA
    • Valorant NA/NA
    • Cyberpunk2077 NA/NA
    • FarCry6 NA/NA
    • Battlefield2042 NA/NA
    • ApexLegends NA/NA
    • Fortnite NA/NA
    • GTAV NA/NA
    • BattlefieldV NA/NA
    • PlayerunknownsBattlegrounds NA/NA
    • Division2 NA/NA
    • WorldofWarcraft NA/NA
    • CSGO NA/NA
    • RocketLeague NA/NA
    • Battlefield1 NA/NA
    • Witcher3 NA/NA
    • LeagueofLegends NA/NA
    • ShadowoftheTombRaider NA/NA
    • Overwatch NA/NA
    • AssassinsCreedOdyssey NA/NA
    • MetroExodus NA/NA
    • RainbowSixSiege NA/NA
    • MonsterHunterWorld NA/NA
    • Change Processor
    • Change Video Card
    • Change Memory
    3DMark Time Spy is a popular and effective benchmarking tool for rating gaming performance. Frame rate figures show typical performance as tested by UL. The higher the frame rate and 3DMark score, the better the experience. Performance may change with system, driver, and game updates.
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    Gaming Instant Ship GX 99138

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