Kinetic Series Gaming Case

The Smart Gaming Case

CyberpowerPC Kinetic Series

Smart + Dynamic Airflow

Introducing the Kinetic Series gaming case. Get geat airflow with our new Kinetic design, using technology to give your PC the best possible airflow based on how its performing in real time.


Kinetic Series Features

Modern & Smart
Patented Technology
Smart Features

Patented Technology

Adjusting airflow when you most need it

Enjoy sufficient airflow that is adjusted based on real-time performance of your PC. Using the 18 micro servo controlled vents with built in controllers, your PC will get the proper airflow based on how well your PC is running.

Steel Chassis

Quality Materials

Made of a robust steel chassis that provides durability and sturdiness to help keep your components safe. This is perfect for users wanting reliability and solid build quality for their computer setup.

Sound Dampening Panels

Game in silence

The case features sound dampening panels that help act as a barrier, reducing the transmission of vibrations and minimzing the fan noise. Creating a quieter gaming environment, so you can focus on your games.

Up To Date IO

Exceptional Connectivity

The case features modern front IO ports for your everyday needs. Offering convenient access to a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and dedicated jacks for headphone and microphone. Stay connected with high-speed data transfer and audio functionality.