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Printed Date: 10 Jul 2020 at 5:02pm

Topic: Confused
Posted By: brla9011
Subject: Confused
Date Posted: 07 May 2017 at 8:58pm

I'd like to say that I've had a great overall experience with Cyberpower until just recently. You guys have been, on balance, straightforward, courtious and prompt in my experience.

I received a newly purchased PC damaged. Amazon shipped it with no protetective wrapping, they stuck the cyberpower box into a larger box where it could shake around in, and left that box on the bottom of the stairs leading to my apartment without knocking or having me sign. No biggy, and definitely not the fault on you guys. Plus, when I called for support, the response I received was phenomenal.

I'm pretty computer handy, I'd build my own, but between finishing my degree and working full time, I no longer have time. So I was thorough in testing my new hardware, especially after the strange delivery. Sure enough, the motherboard did seem faulty. The CPU and case fans would run, but read 0 RPM and regardless of demand, even under stress tests etcetera would remain at one constant speed. The result was that my computer couldnt get under 60 C, the processor hovered between 75-85 while idle. Fans gave this reading on the BIOS, MSI app, Intel Tuning app, Speed Fan, HotCPU tester Pro reading, and a couple other debugging tools I own, so it wasnt just a strange configuration (also, it was the CPU and the case fans, while in my experience, using an indirect connection for the fans results in EITHER the CPU OR the case fans being wonky, depending usually on some 3rd party software to control it either on part of the CPU manufacturer or that of the fan itself)

I had a talk with tech support, and not only were they friendly, they were fast and reasonable. They agreed that the motherboard sounded faulty, and although I was out of town, my girlfriend helped me ship it back only 2 weeks after buying it. Yeah it was a bummer, but stuff happens and I'd blamed Amazon more than anyone (the package they tried to deliver to me had no label whatsoever, I'd never known it had came if I hadnt watched the truck pull up and had been expecting it that day, and it looked like it had a piano thrown on top of it). Plus, you guys even handled the shipping, which was really what was important given I got a computer broken from the box. After a week, I got an email after inquiring about the motherboard, and if I should prepare to start over (I'd only used it for 3 days so I didnt mind, but wanted to know), saying that it seemed like the motherboard would indeed need replacing.

Two days ago I got it back. When I started it up, it wasnt set up with the OS fully configured with drivers like the first time, which I dont mind at all as I am comfortable doing that. However, when testing the computer, I discovered the motherboard had the exact same issue which had caused me to send it in. The GPU was still the only thing which had a seemingly functional cooling system- but now I noticed my GPU speeds were benching at what was noticeably slower than the one I was so excited to use after testing two weeks ago. I looked at the sheet they gave me, and it seemed to describe them having cleaned the HD and replacing the GPU, which was working wonderfully when I sent it in (it was the only part which by all accounts was handling its loads as well or better than you'd expect it to). The new GPU looked different. Comparing the model to the one I had originally recieved (I had taken detailed photos), I discovered the maker of the GPU now installed was essentially $100 cheaper than the original, had bad reviews, and I dont know what to do.

Because cyberpower was so good up until this point, I really would think that maybe they mixed up my RMA number or something of the like. However, I was out of town when the PC was shipped back, and I forgot to inform my girlfriend there was a CD in the tray that'd need to be removed- totally my fault, but the CD was still in the drive when I recieved the model. I appreciated them keeping my CD with the tower they sent, but I gradually started to suspect that they'd essentially just wiped the hard drive, swapped out the working GPU for a cheaper model, and returned the faulty motherboard. I've worked in customer service, and I'm sorry if I seem combative because I can't imagine the BS you guys get. But I am really surprised- I've never had something like this happen with a tech company ever, it'd be like taking your car to the shop for a busted transmission, then driving off to find out after 10 minutes that the transmission is actually still blown after all, and all your tires were swapped for generic roadside spare tires.

I really like the product Cyberpower has, and they did still offer a positive customer service experience. I'm hoping that you guys can see where I am coming from though; I'm apprehensive about sending it back because last time I did, not only was the problem not fixed, my hardware was lowered in quality.  I can do a lot of this myself, but like I said, it seems to me like there is an issue with the motherboard itself. The fan sensors are not the only wonky reading. Several voltage readings are inconsistent, specifically the DRAM voltage which several system monitors will give several different levels of, all of which differ from the range the DRAM voltage is set to.

Given this circumstance, I was wondering if there was some way to potentially resolve this quickly. Would cyberpower be willing to have me return their replacement GPU, and credit me money to purchase a new one from them? At this point, I just want a PC I know will run well, so I'm tempted to even spend a little more to not play games with my GPU, although I dont have a lot to spend and would prefer to not fork out a lot.

I have finals and a lot going on, so this isnt inclusive (the first time I typed this out, my browser crashed as I hit submit too, so I'm honestly just exhausted of typing), but I wanted to put this out there because this has been stressing me out. The computer was purchased in March, shipped broken, fixed in April, returned on friday but has the same issue and some slight hardware downgrades.

Posted By: rediornot
Date Posted: 07 May 2017 at 11:10pm
it is always better to get a pc from here instead of amazon or best buy or wallmart. when you order a pc here you get it custom built to your specifications and budget. this is really in the wrong section. if you look through the forums you will find one of the tech support guys and he leave his private email and the toll free # there. that is the  best route. good luck and good gaming.

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Posted By: GAN1957
Date Posted: 08 May 2017 at 5:25am
Send it back to Amazon then come here and in the build section post your max budget & what the system is for. As Rediornot stated the membership will chime in with suggestions and checkout codes which may save you. This said for an Intel based system your talking at least $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 for a good system.

These third party machine often have lower edn RAM and if you have the "standard" PSU you have a piece of junk that may fry your system.

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