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Is Cyberpower inept or just greedy?

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    Posted: 30 May 2019 at 6:18pm
I ordered a PC (built via their customization wizard) in late February. Took 15 BUSINESS days to arrive, so just shy of 3 full weeks. I received my system and accompanying accoutrements and upon unboxing started the downhill slide of what I now assume to either be a company with little to no regard for the customer or a carelessness to rival Little Bo Peep. Box open, slid carefully off the system, Styrofoam removed, system placed on floor and it immediately tilts! Yes, tilts. So I look at the bottom of the system, it�s missing a foot! Seriously?? So I dig through the box and wrappings to find said foot. I still to this day have yet to find the screw supposedly accompanying it. Now I know what you just thought, �A foot, not so big a deal�. In and of itself, you would be correct, however, as this was not the only issue, and add to the fact that I paid neigh on $1300 for the system, it should be sparkly new and happy to sit on all four feet. Not to mention the further issues!!!! I then removed the side panel to verify everything was tight and in its proper place. Now we find issue number two. As I verified the video card was seated properly, I noticed that the slot for the card in place does not have the push lever to unlock the card, but the second slot does. At that time I made little note of it, but when the further and larger issue occurred I looked up the motherboard stats and saw it indeed should have one. But again, that�s tangential to the even bigger issue. Shall we continue on with said issue? Excellent!

As I had not had time to obtain monitor cords with the DisplayPort connectors, I plugged in only one monitor with the DVI port. I wanted to get the system up and running that I had paid greatly for (I don�t know what kind of bank those people make, but $1300 is a great amount for me) and had also waited an interminable length of time for. And as we all know, Winblows needs some set up time and possible updating. Sure enough, updates were required. As the downloading commenced, I repaired to my entertainment system to obtain the HDMI cord so I could hook up a second monitor. When the updating finished, I shut down my new (and with my own screw tyvm) level system. I hooked up a second monitor to the HDMI port and booted up! Upon which I immediately noticed a very big problem. The screens were fritzing with graphic anomalies. As I stood, they got worse. I shut the system down and removed the HDMI cord, started the system again and everything seemed fine. I did not have a second HDMI cord available and I had a commitment online that evening so I continued on, singly monitored as it were. Two hours later, the entire system shut down on its own, with zero warning and rebooted. As it was coming back up there were two huge green vertical bars on the screen. The card was bad!! $1300 system, missing a screw for a foot, card release lever on the mother board and a BAD VIDEO CARD!! The video card issue could have been solved by simply trying out the various ports during QC! This was a Friday night. I check the website, and it states you are open Saturdays. Ok, as I work nights on EST time and they are PST it allows me enough time to sleep and still contact them. Too bad yet again, I feel thjis company doing it�s absolute least.

I called the number and went through the IVR to get to the tech department. I was told by a recorded please leave a message. No sir! I called back, I was informed by a recorded voice they were closed. I tried again, was told I was third in line to be spoken to. Excellent! Except 20 minutes later I was still third in line. I hung up and called back a few more times and got in this order, leave a message, closed, closed, 3rd in line, closed. At this point on the verge of rage I quit. I then called back Monday. I do not remember the name of the gentleman I spoke to. We agreed the card sounded like it was toast. Now at this point I understand, people will scam every chance they get. So my options are to send you the bad card and wait thereafter for a new card, or to allow them to place a hold for the card amount on my CC, send me a new one and the hold is released upon return of the bad card. I get that and am ok with it. However, I got the link set up my CC token on Monday night, and these (insert your choice of explicative here) did not ship until that FRIDAY!! Seriously?? Five bloody days??? All the while I have a $1300 paperweight and less availability on my CC. I�m glad they have no need of the items they purchase but I however DO!!

Also, I had asked to have the card held at the transfer station. I work overnight, there is no where for them to leave a package and UPS does not wait long enough for me to get up and come sign for a package. I was told unequivocally no. Fine, so on top of it all I was going to have to wait an extra day to get my video card, which took two weeks. R I D I C U L O U S! Now, the new card arrived on March 7th. So after paying $1300 for a system that was obviously not quality controlled over a MONTH later I had a fully functioning system.

Two months to the day, the second card fried. And brother, I mean fried. At this point I was so mad I felt like getting the new card and telling those people to hoop the whole bloody thing, stuff the system in the box and to give me my $$ back. However, I digress. I call and go through the same process of getting a replacement card, which by the way if this thing so much as twitches they're either replacing the MB or refunding me! May 7th is a Tuesday. I called that day (evening for me, early afternoon for them). I also stated, I was leaving well after EOD on the 16th, can we please expedite the shipping?! At this point I mean honestly folks! Is someone of authority walking in and pulling a bloody card off the shelf and getting it shipped so hard?? Apparently so. Their tech calls me two days later. Yes two days! Same day? NO! Next day? Of course not! Two days later. He calls and leaves me a voicemail as I did not recognize the number and had my hands rather full in the kitchen.

Now at this point I would like to address an additional issue. One that lends to my feeling CyberPower is a scammer company. Unnamed tech to protect the identity of the working man (who was a very nice tech by the by and unless he and others are running a scam ring within the company should in no way be held accountable for this) informs me that my card cannot arrive by the 16th and leaves me a number at which to call you back. Being busy at the time and not thinking overly, it wasn�t until after I called the number that I realized that when I was setting up having my system originally shipped and held one of your agents also gave me the same number. At the time I blew it off as a mis speak on his part. But lo and behold!!!! Twas not a mis speak!!! The number is 888-900-8150. So, picture it, I am in my tiny kitchen, I have over 15 lbs. of pork loin in brine being drained to be rolled in corn meal, sealed and frozen, when I call the aforementioned 888# and an IVR, ready?, TRIES TO SELL ME ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE!!!!!!! What in the cat hair hell are these people doing over there??? Scammers much?? Bilking people for substandard hardware not enough $$?

Now, at that point I had about zero faith in your company if the point was missed. I will now try and bring the rest of this fiasco to as short a conclusion as possible. To be honest these people have not only sucked almost as much of my time as what little time I�ve had with a fully functioning system, but it has me emotionally drained.

To continue. I called back and spoke with another tech. Who as I mentioned to a later supervisor, that he should get some form of Kudos as he went well out of his way to help me. So, after his speaking with various and sundry people within the organization, I am informed the reason the card can�t be shipped in time is that they are doing inventory. Wait? Excuse me? Inventory. ARE�� YOU �� JOKING??? When is the last time you went to Walmart and were turned away �I�m sorry sir, Walmart is closed for the week for inventory, please shop elsewhere.�?? Ever tried to place an order on Amazon and been denied?? �I�m terribly sorry dear customer but Amazon must shut down for the next month to do a thorough inventory.� THEN I�m informed that I will have to yet again, AGAIN I SAY, go through the �Please send me a link so I can create a token so you can hold money on my CC to get a video card to replace the second bad video card you �ve sent me�. It was at that point I nearly blew an aneurysm. So CyberPower can�t/doesn�t do proper QC, are unable to ship even as fast as some joker on eBay, are making me jump through hoops time and again because these people can�t ship out to satisfy a customer who has PAID both in full and been screwed by them, and now I gotta wait EVEN LONGER. I had had enough. I asked for a manager. So I co-ordinate with said supervisor to attempt to have my card here the day I return. Now, I know you�re not going to believe this, but IT DIDN�T HAPPEN!!!! Rather than be here for the 24th, you people once again took your sweet time yet again. It arrived on the 28th! And to make matters even worse, it's a different brand (same make/model) than the previous cards. I check and yep, they sent me the crappier/cheaper of the two brands! Because why WOULDN'T you cheap out on the guy you've been screwing for months now right?? It�s official! I swore I would never find a crappier customer service than Comcast, but these people did it!! CyberPower is officially the worst company I have ever dealt with!! That includes a group of restaurants in Toronto that are shutting down due to their horrible and inept service. 

So I sent a mostly identical version of this post to their customer service. With the below requests.

1.       I want this document shoved up the chain to someone who might take it as actionable issues and seek to remedy them.

2.       I want some bloody assurance from someone other than tech level 1 that if this card tanks or if it seems the system itself is at fault it will be fixed in a timely manner. I do not have a spare gaming system just lying around!

3.       I want someone of authority to look into that 888# fiasco and I want to be directly contacted to be informed that it has been looked in to.

Ias  I received a reply today. And it's obvious they didn't actually read the whole thing. The reply to the first was to apologize for the inventory issue but that's the way they operate. The inventory problem is all they got from 3 PAGES of complaint letter. *sigh* SMH

 TT The second request was Sorry, 3-5 days is our shipping time and we can't change that. Again, if they had read the bloody letter they'd see that IF I need to send in for a MB replacement or work it's not going to be some lengthy time in shop to get to it. Because again, why try to fix the crap system you sold to a guy who you've been screwing? Hey, customer service is only til they have the $$ right?

       And finally the 888# issue. They claim the tech transposed two of the #'s. So 2 tech on 2 separate occasions transposed the exact same 2 numbers?? Hang on a sec, let me get my hip boots out! It's getting deep in here :/ I am already experiencing some new issues. I will do a fresh Winblows install in the next day or so to if that fixes the issues but if not, I'm sure I will have to fight tooth and nail to get the system fixed properly. Especially after posting this. I just hope that anyone researching places to buy a pre-built system see's this and avoids CP!!

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Of course this is unfortunate to say the least, Cp QC & CS is and has been well below par in most cases. Had you researched the multitude of posts you would have seen that. Oh well I digress.

Nothing new for the most part. Since this seems to be your first post, I will add had you posted build specs and taken the time to ask questions before writing this novel (by the way are you a writer? At the least a good story teller should be your niche)  you may just may have been prepared for this uncalled for and absolutely ridiculous series of events, even though it is surely shocking and should not occur for anyone, even their enemies.

Off the bat, with the lock for the GPU missing, completely not your fault I would have sent it back. That's telling me the fools who assembled the system may well have caused issues with the MOBO. That would not have been caused by any other means, unless it was dislodged and bouncing around in the case. Did you have the ultra care packing in the case to make sure UPS didn't play basket ball with your system during delivery?

Since you didn't list your full build specs, if you didn't specifically select a GPU brand, CP will throw in anything they have. If you did select a "brand" and they substituted and off brand, by all means you still have a valid problem and I agree it should be rectified. You should have the same brand you ordered. Oh on a secondary note, CP may substitute a refurbished component when dealing with RMA's. I know I see more steam coming out of your head.

Also since yo didn't list your full build spec, I would suggest seeing what PSU you have. If you have researched here before you pulled the trigger, you find a multitude of posts warning about never ordering a standard PSU. You don't know what you are getting. I hope you selected brand name Thermaltake, EVGA, XFX, Corsair TX. These should be fine. The true standard or off brands, have issues. They provide uneven power (ripples) which is hard on every component, have high failure rates and have been known to fry systems.

Turn around time is never as good as anyone expects unless it is next day whether we agree or not. Nothing new here either. Whether we agree or accept is ones opinion. The only way to to deal with this is to verify whomever we deal with states these things up front and we decide to do or not to do business with them before we spend our hard earned cash. To hold them to perceived standard of what we believe the way they should conduct business is naive to say the least. I don't see anywhere on CP's website where they state "we are the second incarnation of Amazon" throw us you cash. I don't now about you, but I have had Amazon miss promised dates even as a Prime member. Of course by only a few days not weeks. Ticks me off also.

Outside of the well told story (again are you a writer? Be honest now), there are two real issues. 
1) An incompetent tech who missed a rubber foot and it got through what is supposed to be QC.
2) Some idiot breaking off the GPU locking tab and again getting through QC.

What truly amazes me are people blaming CP for failing components they did not manufacture (my dog is bad so I'm going to kick my cat) mentality. Didn't make it, didn't cause it to go bad, not my fault, but sure as heck get the blame. How about raising cane with the GPU manufacture as well,or does that make to much sense.

Remember valor, honor, independence, family & clan; I do whenever I hear the ceol mor, the "great music" of the Highland bagpipe. I swear upon the holy iron of my dirk that I will not forget.

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I'm not blaming CP for failed hardware. I'm not pissy over a missing foot and a GPU lever. I did research. No I didn't make reading this forum my lifes work for a month but the positives seemed to outweigh the negatives and I didn't have the time to buy components and build my own. The issues I was trying to point out is that CP, aside from crap QC and a suspected side scam do not care about their paying customers. I was and still am pissed and am sick of these companies who just don't give a crap.

I honestly can't tell if you're trying to be a troll or be helpful, or a mix of the two but honestly, this post didn't need a reply. Except with the rare and unlikely possibility of a CP rep doing so. I'm not here for the community to tell me I'm right or wrong, what I should or shouldn't have done. All that is over unless this thing goes tits up and I have to fight for a refund. I made my topic what it is and the story (what in the cat hair HELL happened to the formatting?????) to let those in the future know "Seek ye not quality here".
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Yeah dude, nicely written post, at any other company, someone up there would react to it or offer to hire you as a PR writer at least.

Anyhow, my PC arrived with minor issues as well. So, it is a normal CP experience. At least no major damage, otherwise it would be another 2 months of wait and money out of pocket for shipping it back. Cyberpower seems to be running their business in a 3rd world style, which is to push sales without customer support or remorse. 

Anyhow, you are right about this guy Gan1957  - I cannot tell either if he trolls or is serious. At one point, I thought he was CP rep in disguise but maybe not. 
Plus this forum has issues, sometimes you write up a message and it says - you have no permission to post lol.

Buying here was one of the weirdest experiences ever, they don't give a flying fcuk if you will be a repeat customer or not.

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