Refurbished Computer/Part Warranty

Warranty Information

Cyberpower Refurbished Computer/Part are sold AS IS. Items may be on Clearance, Open Box, Bulk, or Used Products. Some products may have some cosmetic defects such as dents and scratches on the chassis.

Cyberpower warranties every Refurbished Computer/Part for a term of 90-days from the date of the original invoice. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice or product information page at the time of purchase. The warranty will be reflected on your invoice and what's more, the warranty is effective not from the date you place your order, but from the date your order actually ships out from or warehouse.

Cyberpower offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all Refurbished Computer/Part. Cyberpower will refund the price of the merchandise under the 1st 30-days from the date of the original invoice. Shipping and Handling Fees are non-refundable on refunds.

Every Refurbished Computer/Part that leaves our premises has been thoroughly evaluated and tested. This includes an extensive examination of all hardware components, a complete functional diagnostics test, and a performance test.