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Customer Reviews and Ratings on CyberPowerPC products

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Customer Rating

Second time ordering a pc from you guys, no complaints at all!

11/11/2018 3:40:57 PM
Customer Rating

Excellent selection in the website, excellent build, and and Tech service after purchase is excellent (with Marco). Last time I had a build was 10 yrs ago. There has been so much change since then. As I read more, I found my choices were not good. I tried to get feedback from the sales person. I wanted the best desktop I can have. I felt he was confrontational (may be he thought I wouldn't buy) and I didn't feel like he wanted to talk to me (wants to hung-up right away). He ignored my email unless it is related to confirming the buy or cancelling it. I gave excuse to myself that he may had bad experience with other customers or he may not be allowed to give feedback. I gave 4 star overall because of this. I wrote this assuming this is only for internal (CyberPower). Please don't post it in the web. I will give 5 star for outside review and will not mention my sales experience. I don't think this is fair. For sure, I will be back for my next build in 4 to 5 years. Thank you so much, Dawit

11/10/2018 7:28:37 PM
Customer Rating

In a sealed package for the collection of the chair is not enough one screw to attach the handrails to the seat. He's special, hard to find.

11/10/2018 11:30:13 AM
Customer Rating

I couldn't be happier.

11/9/2018 7:52:01 PM
Customer Rating

The ordering process was incredibly easy, and the configurator made the experience seamless. I received exactly what I expected and the price was incredibly fair.

11/9/2018 6:49:18 PM
Customer Rating

it good

11/8/2018 2:31:05 PM
Customer Rating

SUPER EASY and Got here SUPER fast, I'm super stoked, and the product is fantastic, DYNAMITE.

11/8/2018 11:52:20 AM
Customer Rating

Good experience overall. I chose PayPal for payment, so there were some restrictions as to what I could do after the order was processed, so I'll probably choose a different payment method next time.

11/8/2018 8:35:16 AM
Customer Rating

Awesome custom rig ordering company. These guys are definitely the place to buy from, only thing I’d change is maybe adding a an item list for the site pictures or listing what fans are stock for a given case. Then again this may have been just me wanting to know that. Other than that though these guys are awesome, great customer support and extremely punctual on orders.

11/8/2018 7:17:41 AM
Customer Rating

Motherboard was on back order for two weeks when I called and only then was I offered an alternate for replacement. The result was late shipping. My only suggestion would be to notify sooner when an item is not available and not wait for the customer to inquire about status. Otherwise I'm happy overall.

11/8/2018 6:58:31 AM
Customer Rating

Excellent web site with many options to build whatever PC you want. Intuitive to use too. Took longer than expected to build and shipped two days later than promised. Build quality is great. Support wait times can be high some times.

11/7/2018 2:58:27 PM
Customer Rating

I've had my eye on CyberPower for quite some time as I've looked for good custom computer builders. I was hesitant at first to order my setup from CP after reading a number of Better Business Bureau complaints. But, I also noticed that in many of these cases, CP resolved the problem(s). I can say I'm VERY IMPRESSED with the professionalism, attention to details, quick response regarding two parts that weren't available, fast turnaround time, and quality of the end product! I believe CP has found a perfect market niche. I hope you're able to keep it going strong. Keep up the great work!

11/7/2018 2:34:07 PM
Customer Rating

Very pleased with the product. We ran into a few items I wanted that were on back order, but we communicated through email and made changes. It was handled very professionally. My only critique is of the website. Scrolling through an endless page of options for customizing feels a bit clunky. I think it would be more seemeless with drop down menus. Anyways, love my new computer. Thank you for what you do!

11/7/2018 11:23:36 AM
Customer Rating

Products arrived undamaged and worked as advertised. Quite happy with the quality of the PC. During shipping however a wire was dislodged and I had to make guesses as to which wire went where. Perhaps putting a cap on wires that were meant to be unplugged would have made it easier to deduce which wire was dislodged. Additionally, during my initial purchase my card rejected the payment, due to it being an unusually large payment, however I did not notice for nearly a week as the email stating my card was declined had a generic subject and first sentence and was preceded by 3 to 4 other emails from cyber power. Perhaps if follow up emails were sent or if the declinement email was more apparent I would not have had to wait as long.

11/7/2018 7:48:12 AM
Customer Rating

As I was checking over everything, I noticed that the back panel was bent and not closing all the way. I was able to fix it, but please be aware in the future as it was quite an eyesore.

11/6/2018 12:13:31 PM
Customer Rating

review I left on Consumer Affairs, where I think the complainers there have guided their rage inappropriately So I've been building my own computers since, hmmm, I'd say around 1992 or so. Pretty much had a Celeron 300A overclocked to 450 if you know what that means. At this point in my life, I didn't feel like building something from scratch anymore, and besides, I have the dough, so why not. I compared CyberPowerPC with the usual boutique gaming computer builders, Falcon, Alienware, Digital Storm etc, and realized that most of them were overpriced. I know what components cost, and I knew I'd be paying a huge premium for a "name brand" computer. Worse, a lot of the boutique builders had really limited selection in terms of components, cases, etc. Not CyberPowerPC, it's like being a fat kid in a candy store on their website (for computer geeks). So picked out the components, I9 9900k, RTX 2080ti blah blah blah, 32 GB DDR 4 ram, 970 pro M2 SSD... Ok at the end it came out to 4000 dollars. Now I paid extra for the "ultra enhanced packing solution" thing, where they actually inflate foam in the chassis with all the components in place before they double pack it in boxes and send it out. It was quite weird to see in person, but hey, it worked. I've driven cross country with my computers laying down and had stuff jarred loose, so imagine when you have a bunch of UPS guys drop kicking your computer across the warehouse "this is gonna be one pissed off geek boys!!!" (Just kidding, they don't do that:-)). At any rate, computers, especially with the heavier components (modern video cards), gigantic CPU heatsinks, custom made liquid cooling systems, are just asking to be damaged during transit. Not CyberPower's fault, it's out of their hands as soon as it leaves their business. I was also aware that BECAUSE I had ordered some pretty high end stuff that haven't even come out yet, or were in high demand, that there was going to be some delay or back orders involved. There was, but not more than a week. Well, after I placed my order, decided to look them up and came across this website. GULP. What have I done? Yeah I sweat a few bullets after reading report after report of problems, but hey, people take the time to write these reviews when they're pissed, not when everything has gone fine. They're too busy playing games. I did spend the extra $19 dollars for free shipping during the warranty period (A year). I mean c'mon, shipping at your expense is $50 to $150 and you won't spend $19 bucks? Ok bottom line, got my computer, works fine right off the bat, benchmarks on User Bench was UFO which is the highest rating in all benches. I'm pretty damn happy with my purchase, have no complaints whatsoever, and I'm relieved that I didn't experience what some of the people on here have. I have to say though, a lot of these reviews are kind of nit picky. If you bought a prebuilt computer from Amazon or BestBuy, work with those guys first. What exactly do you expect from a pre built off the shelf computer? High end parts? If you buy liquid cooling, and it leaks, well, yeah that happens, which is why I don't do it. Even the self contained cooling systems leak at times. When you have one custom made... Well good luck. Fluid and electrical components don't usually mix, why risk it? Some people claim they bought their sub $1000 dollar "gaming computer" and aren't happy. C'mon, that's not a gaming computer, my video card alone is worth more. Anyone who is buying one of these machines better know how to work on computers. Why? Because things go wrong all the time, parts fail, connections get loose, cards get unseated, fans don't work. I know I know... "I paid this much money and it damn well better work!" I agree, however, that's life, and you can either learn how to check things out yourself and fix it in a day, or you can send it back and expect a two month wait for it to return, if not more. Building my own rigs, I've dealt with bad motherboards, ram, video cards, sound cards, hard drives, and power supplies. Things sometimes don't work right off the bat. That's why I always have extra parts in my home. I have six computers (4 of them gaming), all handmade by me, that way if something goes down, I can try replacing suspected bad parts, get the computer working again, until I can get a newer replacement part. Having spare parts makes it quite easy to identify what the failing part is. Last thing, CyberPower PC had 60 million in sales last year. If the average computer was 2000 dollars, that's about 30,000 computers they sold in one year. There are about 300 complaints here. That's 1 percent of the computers they built. This probably won't be a popular review... But ah well, I thought they did a good job and didn't want to help "yelp" them into oblivion.

11/6/2018 11:58:04 AM
Customer Rating

had some parts that were backordered but website said they were in stock at time of purchase.

11/6/2018 4:49:01 AM
Customer Rating

Web site works well, but all of the choices for configuration can be overwhelming, especially when they have specials.

11/6/2018 2:11:55 AM
Customer Rating

Best customer care

11/5/2018 11:37:50 PM
Customer Rating

when i get the item,found the stander of water cooling is broken

11/3/2018 9:54:37 AM
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