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Customer Rating

Had to open the case and fix some wires on the back side, chassis fan came unplugged in transit, due to loose plastic plugs (typical pc wires no blame)

1/19/2019 5:27:18 PM
Customer Rating

Great stuff super easy

1/19/2019 10:09:57 AM
Customer Rating

This site is very hard to use it when configuring a computer it’s very hard to know which items you have selected

1/19/2019 7:55:58 AM
Customer Rating

After figuring out how the configuration process worked I very much enjoyed setting up my new computer.

1/19/2019 7:33:35 AM
Customer Rating

Mister Willis was of GREAT assistance. Answered every single question I had. Wonderful customer service! Give that man a holiday bonus!

1/19/2019 7:30:29 AM
Customer Rating

My computer was shipped without packaging or any sort of buffer inside which enables components to shift during transport. In fact mymy wifi card was loose and took me quite a while during set up to diagnose this issue.

1/19/2019 6:25:52 AM
Customer Rating

This is my second system that I have ordered through Cyberpower. The system was almost spot on for what I ordered with one exception. I had ordered it with an internal memory card reader and received it with a little rinky-dink external reader. I looked at my receipt versus the paperwork that came with the unit and it had been changed. I was not contacted by phone as to why it was changed, and there was nothing in email. The lack of delivery options where it can be shipped to is the same as it was before. Luckily I was home from work to receive it.

1/19/2019 3:37:32 AM
Customer Rating

After missing several chances at certain sales prices because getting the run around about my payment and cancellations. I am still very happy with the new system I own.

1/18/2019 5:17:30 PM
Customer Rating

Bobby was awesome, thanks so much.

1/18/2019 6:31:09 AM
Customer Rating

Order and delivery with ease.

1/18/2019 5:21:41 AM
Customer Rating

Thanks just what was ordered

1/18/2019 3:39:04 AM
Customer Rating

would be higher if I got the mousepad that I was suppose to get as part of the holiday sale

1/18/2019 1:58:35 AM
Customer Rating

Pretty smooth bobby w has helped make this purchase smooth answered all of my questions and helped change some parts

1/17/2019 5:59:15 PM
Customer Rating

This was my 4th computer from Cyberpower, yet again top notch work and safe delivery. There was a minor hiccup due to end of the year inventories and such but with good communication and some serious hussle they made the best of it they could. Beleive me when I say the minor issues this round will not cause me to hesitate buying my 5th from them.

1/17/2019 3:14:05 PM
Customer Rating

I would have appreciated more prompt updates on the status of the order, especially once the expected shipping date was passed.

1/17/2019 6:12:10 AM
Customer Rating

I was very disappointed that it took so long for my son to receive his computer. When I placed the order, I wasn't aware that the video card required was out of stock. I was also told that the card would be in on 12/26 when I inquired about the status of the order, but when I inquired again on 12/28, I was told that it wouldn't be in until the end of the following week. I had to initiate contact with customer service to find out the status of my order and was finally told that the card had arrived and the computer was being built. I was told that shipping would be expedited, but it wasn't and was shipped ground as originally ordered. Customer service was quick in responding to my inquiries, but I was a little disappointed with the entire order process.

1/17/2019 5:25:30 AM
Customer Rating

The Computer itself is great and what I expected to the best of my knowledge... Although there were many problems. Shipped past expected shipping date should offer extended time to pay for shipping time increase. I would have paid it. The PC Did not ship with power supply ac cord. Shipped with incorrect case instructions.

1/16/2019 12:23:33 PM
Customer Rating

Was a decent Experience, when I would email questions they never responded until they went to update the status of my order which was days and weeks. Had ordered a Monitor they waited to ship it to me until they shipped the computer, unfortunately they messed up and now the monitor was backordered. I thought i had a SSD in the cause everyone i looked at had one, but when i got mine then reviewed the order noticed it did not come with one, not there fault cause i didn't review things like i should of. Lastly there should be a better notification on how long it will take, I thought 1-2 weeks and i would have everything, but it was more like 3 weeks

1/16/2019 11:11:52 AM
Customer Rating

Communication could have been a bit better. But an overall great experience.

1/16/2019 7:39:42 AM
Customer Rating

Very good overall just wish my package came sooner and i got faster replies from support!

1/16/2019 6:52:58 AM
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