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It would be great if you added the assembly time along with the shipping options when you buy a customized pc. That way customers know exactly when to expect the product. When I bought the pc i thought it was coming in 3 business days but I never considered the assembly time so it ended up being 5 days. Other than that, everything was great. Im very happy with my new pc. The site was really great and had a lot of options for cutomizations.

3/20/2019 11:45:09 AM
Customer Rating

Have not received PC yet due to weather holding up shipping date.

3/20/2019 7:51:21 AM
Customer Rating

your website has more customization options than all the other prebuilt competitors. i was strongly considering nzxt, but after being able to pick exactly what i wanted from the website at a reasonable price point you guys are a no-brainer. thanks again

3/20/2019 7:38:42 AM
Customer Rating

The website is incredibly helpful with also mentioning whether are components are compatible or not, one big issue I've always had when buying parts for a PC. It is easy to read as well and comparing prices. Everything is laid out so easy to understand.

3/20/2019 6:01:33 AM
Customer Rating

I called in to purchase a hard drive and dvd drive and was told that you don’t sell those. would be nice to offer your customers when they open up the pc and realize their is no real hard drive and no dvd drive.

3/20/2019 4:55:37 AM
Customer Rating

excellent quality of assembly and choices in hardware. my only problem is one RAM module is bad but all suppliers are bound to have some bad units support should replace it

3/19/2019 11:50:57 PM
Customer Rating

Excellent support

3/19/2019 9:16:03 PM
Customer Rating

Everything came in perfect, im super excited to have a super affordable and current pc! Everything was easy to do on the site and made the process so much easier!

3/19/2019 12:02:17 PM
Customer Rating

Took 2 additional days due to an automated error that read my address as incorrect when all the applicable info was correct. Turned out it was just the street address and Apt number needed to be flipped but again I feel that should have been easily recognized. Finally my last issue was that my power source I ordered was not in stock and so a less powerful one was put in for the same price. Seems like it could've been done for a small discount especially because it pushed my ship date back an additional day. I am very happy over all and in no need of recovery service but I imagine I am not the only one to have received these issues especially regarding the payment method.

3/19/2019 8:44:32 AM
Customer Rating

So, the only reason I have 4's here are because 1. Price.. This is my first ever gaming PC, and I've never in my life spent over 600 dollars on a PC before, to me this was an expensive purchase, but my brain also knows that better PC's especially for gaming do cost more, my budget conscious checker just freaks out a little LOL. I spent more than I wanted to however, I am already recognizing the difference, and I am SUPER pleased with my new PC, so don;t let my budget conscious brain fool you with that 4, I know better, it just stings a little to spend so much, and that's with my pc having also been on sale the day I bought it. The shipping options.. there were many, and though I really wish the choices included USPS not just UPS, because UPS is clear across town and I had to drive to pick it up there because UPS doesn't deliver to PO boxes, I was ok with it, it was just mildly inconvenient, which is also why delivery was a 4. Overall though, I truly love my new PC, and I am lucky enough to have a friend who was tech savvy help me decide how to customize it to keep it within a mostly decent budget, while still getting me the things I wanted. The customer service was phenominal, I had to verify who I was because it was shipping to my PO box, because we've had delivery issues at home and we now have a locked gate so delivery to home would have been impossible. They were in touch frequently, and the turnaround time for putting it together was so fast. They kept in touch often, and it shows they care. Two friends of mine had owned PC's by this company, one had his built and helped me build mine, and another bought hers pre-built off of amazon. I was considering her loower priced one, but my other friend and I went through trying to recreate another slightly bettter one that was on amazon, and came up with what i ordered which was better and a slight bit cheaper, until I added a few small changes. The same day I ordered mine, my daughter in Canada also ordered the one on amazon that I used as a base to create mine. All of this because I'd heard from two people who already owned your pc's that I trust very well, so because of that, you got two sales that day, mine and my daughters. Pardon my typos, my vision isn't so great anymore. I just wanted to say thank you, and I love my new PC, and overall the process is a 5. Like I mentioned the reasons for those 4's were more about my ownissues than your pc issues :) LOL. I am truly enjoying my new PC TONS already. Thank you! PS I LOVE the rainbow lighty uppy keyboard I also bought for 5 bucks that was also on sale. It helps me see a bit better when i type in low light. Thank you! have a great day!

3/19/2019 7:44:43 AM
Customer Rating

There had been some issues in getting my payment processed initially. I'd been notified after making the purchase that my card had been declined, however, after a brief exchange with Steve via email, we were able to process my payment. My computer arrived MUCH earlier than expected. They packed it expertly l, and it booted like a dream. Overall, I'm immensely satisfied. Thank you so much!

3/19/2019 6:19:25 AM
Customer Rating

Overall, my purchasing experience was downright wonderful. I was well taken care of, and informed every step of the way as my pc went through production, which was great, and made me feel like your business really cares about providing a great product, front to back. Shipping is the only place I hit a snag, as the day of initial delivery, the UPS driver handling my pc had the wrong house. It was a fair mistake, however, and he still made it to me the next business day. Overall, I'm very happy I made the choice to shop with Cyberpower, and look forward to further business with you down the road.

3/19/2019 12:42:44 AM
Customer Rating

Only complaint was UPS shipping, they missed my apartment several times before i could get the PC

3/18/2019 11:38:21 PM
Customer Rating

Great machine but it didn't have many of the lighting package elements we bought. Instead they came with the box but not installed. This was a huge disappointment. The machine itself runs great and is fast but the bad experience with the lighting was unfortunate.

3/18/2019 8:26:53 PM
Customer Rating

Great service, happy with computer. Overall pleased with value per price. However, they need to focus better on the details of assembly. Purchased a $2,470 computer and paid extra for professional wiring. There are holes in the bottom of the case by the power supply unit to feed the wires up through directly to the motherboard. Instead they simply laid the wires across the bottom of the case out in the open. Ordered 3 extra fans... they stuck them on the water cooler radiator (which comes with its own three fans)in which case I basically go no extra fans as they kept the three fans that came with the water cooler. Paid for a 30% over clock (bringing it up to 4.68GHz). Running intel's test it came in at 4.57GHz. Good value, but they need to focus more on the details.

3/18/2019 3:38:50 PM
Customer Rating

This is my first time ordering directly from CyberPowerPC and my experience was excellent. I had questions before making the purchase and the love chat team was always very helpful. Once ordered the PC arrived in 2 days as promised. Set up was easy but sadly my PC had a bad fan. (Possibly caused during shipping). I contacted CyberPowerPC support and they were extremely quick to respond with some troubleshooting steps and when those failed they quickly sent out a replacement fan. I couldn't be happier with how this was handled. I would gladly buy a PC from CyberPowerPC again without hesitation.

3/18/2019 8:53:39 AM
Customer Rating

My order missed it's ship date without any explanation. I called on a Sat and no one could tell me anything about my order. When I called on Monday to find out what was wrong thats when I was informed that a part was on backorder and the order couldn't be completed. I was then offered a substitute part and partial refund. The question is how long would I have been in limbo waiting for my progress update if I never called? My ship date was Feb 26th.and I called on March 2nd. I received my order on Mar 14th. Very poor customer service.

3/17/2019 6:26:31 PM
Customer Rating

I mostly ordered from CyberPower PC based on a few reasons. I heard good things from friends, and I didn't feel like putting in the time or energy to finding the components and assembling them myself. Plus, I think I botched the cable management and cooling on my previous desktop computer build, so I couldn't trust myself to do that. I love the availability of customization.

3/17/2019 9:40:45 AM
Customer Rating

I’m very happy with the end product but when I ordered the pc no where did it say it was going to take longer than 2 weeks. When I built the computer it said 3 day shipping and then it takes 2 weeks

3/16/2019 3:28:53 PM
Customer Rating

Every question I had, it was replied to quickly and got to the point. Danny H was a huge help

3/16/2019 10:57:43 AM
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