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Customer Reviews and Ratings on CyberPowerPC products

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Customer Rating

Could not be happier with CyberPowerPC experience.

1/20/2018 12:23:25 PM
Customer Rating

I had checked a review website that had warned against using CyperPowerPC. I was a bit skeptical of the reviews though. After checking with the Better Business Bureau, I saw their impressive rating, so I ordered my PC. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Throughout the building and shipping process, Bobby W was a my rep, and he updated me when necessary, and responded quickly. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and service of this website and company. I will definitely be coming back when I need something else. Thanks so much!

1/20/2018 9:13:12 AM
Customer Rating

Only issue I had was with the over selling of components that caused me to pay more for a replacement than I really wanted to do at the time. However, Leo my sales rep was extremely helpful in selecting replacements and getting my computer sent to the warehouse for assembly. You guys were a hell of a lot better than IBUYPOWER and the computer itself arrived with no damage and is working great. Nothing I like seeing more than an AO reading on the motherboard POST LED. Thanks again for making this relatively painless and may my old system RIP.

1/20/2018 8:44:49 AM
Customer Rating

Shipping took a really long time, probably due to weather though.

1/20/2018 7:45:26 AM
Customer Rating

CyberpowerPC built a great PC at a price the competition couldn't touch.

1/20/2018 7:31:11 AM
Customer Rating

There was now way to decide what time the package would arrive and simce it required a signature it was difficult to receive. However the product is amazing!

1/20/2018 5:49:09 AM
Customer Rating

Absolutely loved the setup! Built very quick and shipped quickly! Received on expected date with everything there and packaged very nicely to prevent any damage through transit. Loved it!

1/19/2018 6:04:03 PM
Customer Rating

Overall the purchase experience was fairly enjoyable. However, when logging into your website for my order status there was an estimated build/ship date listed. When this date was surpassed by more than a week, I made contact to request a status. A part was on back order which was not an issue, but a notification or update to the build status would be appreciated so I'm not left wondering what is going on with my order.

1/19/2018 2:27:42 PM
Customer Rating

Love the company! Keep the same business model.

1/19/2018 11:41:53 AM
Customer Rating

Sales representives were awesome.

1/19/2018 11:36:49 AM
Customer Rating

I gave ease of purchase a 4 because there is a dizzying amount of options available when purchasing and it can get overwhelming. Also, it can be a chore when navigating up down the list of options to check on your selections. The build quality of the machine is excellent.

1/19/2018 11:21:48 AM
Customer Rating

just didn't like the fact that i could not pay for rush making services and the option was not available when i purchased my PC. I also didn't like the fact that i could not make changes to my order. I needed to add more Ram but was told i couldn't do that. Also when talking to the help it didn't seem like they were really interested in helping me.

1/19/2018 8:58:36 AM
Customer Rating

Only one complaint - placed order online and chose the wrong color scheme for the chair I ordered. Called and emailed to change it and was told by email it was taken care of. Package was delivered and it was not taken care of.

1/19/2018 6:33:20 AM
Customer Rating

Amazing product

1/19/2018 12:29:56 AM
Customer Rating

So I had a lot of trouble dealing with my credit card and the shipping address and Steven Du helped me through the whole thing and then we still couldn’t do it until a week later when I tried again and he reached out to me and said it worked and gave me updates to my computer.

1/18/2018 12:40:49 PM
Customer Rating

I would have rated you higher, but it seems that there was some damage in production that was not caught before packaging.

1/18/2018 6:19:16 AM
Customer Rating

It would have been nice if I could have paid extra for expedited order processing, but that is a very small and insignificant thing, especially during the busy Christmas season. My system ended up shipping almost a week earlier than originally estimated so I was very happy about that! Everything else about my shopping experience with CyberPowerPC was fantastic as usual!

1/18/2018 6:12:50 AM
Customer Rating

The tweakability of the site is very cool and functional and added to my happiness in making sure i picked every component i wanted. Feedback on status was great and shipping arrived perfectly. Turned on and setup and got to gaming in a couple hours.

1/18/2018 5:29:52 AM
Customer Rating

Very happy that I was allowed to make a Case change, even though the original order was payed for via Pay-Pal you made an effort to contact me and allow me to purchase my preference.

1/17/2018 3:35:58 PM
Customer Rating

Just a word of advice. If the unit Is a watercooled computer. Place the cpu lower than the radiator for a bit to let the liquid settle in case of air in the line. Tje pump may air bind if any of are in the pump from traported this way and that.

1/17/2018 12:34:47 PM
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