2004 Awards

Cnet Top 100

Reviews date: December, 2004.

Cnet Review
-Top Affordable Gaming Desktops, December 2004
-Top 100 Product, December 2004

Normally, we cringe at the concept of a sub-$1,000 gaming PC. They are usually so out-of-date that playing anything from the last few years is impossible. With its Athlon 64 3000+ CPU and an older but still capable Nvidia graphics card, the Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 6500 SE doesn't break records, but its 17-inch LCD monitor and 5.1 speakers complement a PC that's more capable than its price implies. Demanding gamers will balk at the middle-of-the-road specs, but the Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 6500 SE (renamed to 7500 SE) brings enough performance to the table to present an intriguing proposition to the rest of us...

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Gamer Ultra 6500 SE

Reviews date: December, 2004.

Computer Shopper Review
-Top 25 Gaming Desktops, December 2004 Issue P.36 & P.88

The Gamer Infinity 6800GT answers the call of serious gamers who want to wring every last anti alised pixel from bleeding-edge games.  This water-cooled gaming PC also offers blazing speed and whisper-quiet operation...

Gamer Infinity 6800 GT

PC World Top 15

Reviews date: Oct, 2004.

PC World Review
-Top 15 Desktop, Oct 2004

...System with gaming styling offers solid performance at a reasonable price...

Gamer Infinity 8000 Dream


Reviews date: September, 2004.

CNet Review
-Editors Rating: Very Good-8.1 out of 10,  September 2004
-Editors' Top Performance PC, November 2004

Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 6800 GT is our ultimate PC provides the solution for serious gamers...

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Gamer Infinity 6800 GT

PC World top 15

Reviews date: July, 2004.

PC World Magazine
-Top 15 Desktop, July 2004

Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 7000 Elite is fastest AMD?Athlon?4 FX 53 system in the field with budget price...

Gamer Ultra 7000 Elite

Reviews date: May, 2004.

Computer Shopper Review
-Editors' Choice, May 2004 P.108

The Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 9900 Pro will delight hard-core gamers with its awesome sound, spacious chassis, and solid high-end performance...

Gamer Infinity 9900

Reviews date: April, 2004.

Computer Shopper Review
-Editor's Rating 7.8, April 2004

...Excellent Value, Attractive case, expandability& Generous support...

Gamer Ultra 8500 SE


Reviews date: Feb, 2004.

Cnet Review
-Editors' Top PC- Mid Range PCs, Feb 2004

...With a price you'll like, the Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 8500 SE is an outstanding choice for students, home users, and middle-of-the-road gamers...

Gamer Ultra 8500 SE