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Awards - 2014

Published date: December 19, 2014.

CyberPowerPC SYBER Gaming Windows Console Review


"...The Vapor is the best Steam Machine we've yet seen and a must-have for anyone who hopes to get their Steam library out from the office and into the living room.
• Works as a viable console replacement out of the box
• Solid connectivity
• Performs well for its price
• Offers numerous customization options ..."
Read more
Published date: December 11, 2014.

CyberPowerPC SYBER Gaming Windows Console Review

Asylum Logo
"...This is a windows based gaming console built following the Steam Machine concept of having a small form factor PC powerful enough to play games in the home theater space. The Vapor console is extremely easy to use thanks in part to the Steam "Big Pictur" mode and is available in a variety of different configurations. ..." Read more
Reviews date: December 8, 2014.

CyberPowerPC SYBER VAPOR I Review

"... If you want a PC to sit beneath the TV, the Syber is well balanced, capable of Full HD gaming and cheaper than its main rival. ..." Read more
Reviews date: October 9, 2014.


CyberPowerPC Zeus Evo Review
The CyberPowerPC ZEUS EVO Rated #1 Best Gaming pc 2015 @ toptenreviews

"... CyberPowerPC Zeus Evo Summary: 9.3/10
The best gaming computers don't simply have the fastest graphic card or processors. Finer details like deep component catalogs and customizable cases let you assemble a computer that fits your exact needs. Thanks to its combination of high-performance base configurations and equally extensive support options, the CyberPowerPC Zeus Evo series remains among the best gaming PCs on the market. ..." Read more
top10 chart
Reviews date: December 11, 2014.

Tom's Hardware

Gamer Infinity 8000

"... CyberPowerPC pull off a lower-cost upset? We'd wager that partly it had to do with the use of the less-expensive six-core Intel Core i7-5820K (which we picked as our favorite bang-for-your-buck Haswell-E chip in our full review), but the system is definitely a looker, too; it's wrapped in the beautiful NZXT Source 340 chassis. CyberPowerPC used slightly unconventional purplish and pink LEDs to set off the white exterior color of the case, which masks the simpler (read: less colorful) NZXT Kraken X61 cooling loop.

CyberPowerPC opted to build the system on the Gigabyte X99-UD4 motherboard, which plays host to a pair of AMD Radeon 295X2 (Hawaii) graphics cards, a 256 GB Adata SSD plus 1 TB HDD storage combo and 16 GB of G.Skill DDR4-2400 RAM. You also get a keyboard and mouse with the Gamer Infinity 8000.

If you haven't yet, head here to see the complete roundup of our entrants in all their respective glory, including systems from CybertronPC, Falcon Northwest, NCIX PC, Origin PC, Puget Systems (holy lucite, Batman), Velocity Micro and Xotic PC.

Congrats to Digital Storm, Maingear and CyberPowerPC for winning the vote count, and thanks to all of these builders for showing off all the great work they can do. ..."
Reviews date: April 24, 2014.


Editors' Choice at April 24, 2014
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini Review

"... The CyberPower Zeus Mini offers outsized gaming performance in a tiny PC, and this console-sized desktop is also relatively affordable Small-form-factor design fits almost anywhere. Powerful components across the board. Category-leading performance in gaming and everything else. ..." Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC
Reviews date: Monday, March 24, 2014.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC Review

legit logo
... The CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 is pretty much an ideal system for anyone looking to purchase a gaming system, it offers plenty of gaming performance, raw processing power and application loading speed from the SSD. If you're in the market for a custom built machine, and you're looking for one with power to spare the Zeus Mini-I 780 may be the ideal machine for you! ... Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Ga ming PC
Reviews date: Monday, March 10, 2014.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC Review

bjorn 3d logo
... The Zeus Mini-I 780's performance and innovation makes it a beast of a mini-rig and a force to be reckoned with, and due to its space savings and performance, it easily earns out Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award. ... Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC
Reviews date: Monday, March 10, 2014.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC Review

Asylum Logo
•Small Form Factor•Available in Red or Green•Choice of AMD or Intel Hardware•MiniITX Motherboard•Supports High-End Graphics•Quiet Operation• Lighted Chassis•Watercooling Available Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC
Reviews date: Monday, March 3, 2014.

CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC Review

Hot Hardware
"... In addition to rock solid performance and relative quiet performance under load, CyberPowerPC built a machine that's attractive and cool without being ostentatious. The black chassis is sturdy, and the neon green grills pop against the dark color. Further, the case lighting is striking, providing just the right amount of bling. ..." Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC
Review Date: March 3, 2014.

Review: CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC

Custom PC Review
"... CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PCBig Performance, Not-so-Big PackageThe incredible engineering that has gone into making the Zeus Mini-I 780 a reality. Not only is CyberPowerPC able to cram extremely high powered components into the chassis, they've done it using mostly off the shelf parts which are very easy to replace/upgrade. Awesome. ..." Read more
Zeus Mini case
CyberPowerPC Zeus Mini-I 780 SFF Gaming PC
Reviews date: January 10, 2014.

eTeknix Best of CES 2014

"... A big thing at CES was the unveiling of Steam Machines from a variety of brands, but CyberPowerPC's version really impressed us with the styling, design and the ability to add a GTX Titan into the mix. The other highlight is the starting price of $499 USD which was very enticing. ..." Read more
Steam Machine case
Steam Machine
Reviews date: January 10, 2014.

Computer's Shopper Best of CES 2014 Awards

CES 2014 - Computer Shopper Best Gaming PCWinner - CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box

"... Etiquette is important. When you show up at a LAN party, you want to remember that you're a guest. Be polite to your fellow gamers. Thank the host. Plug in Cyberpower's Fang Battle Box and lay waste to the competition until, after you're gone, it'll take the first-person-shooter equivalent of a CSI team to figure out what the hell happened. The Battle Box is an irresistibly, almost hilariously over-the-top mini-ITX design - it has a carrying handle and resembles the nuclear suitcase that travels with the president - that somehow finds room for a Core i7-4770K, GeForce GTX 780 Ti card (or Titan or R9 290X if you like), and 120GB SSD plus 1TB hard drive. You can remove the chassis frame from the case to work on the rig, which uses off-the-shelf parts for personalized configuration. And the internal build quality is, dare we say it, gorgeous. (See our slideshow from the Cyberpower CES 2014 suite.) The Fang Battle Box is expected to ship in the late first quarter of 2014. ..." Read more
Fang Battle Box case
CyberPowerPC Fang Battle Box

Awards - 2014

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