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PUBG Announces New Training Mode

PUBG Training Mode
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PUBG announced that the game will be getting a training mode this September. The training mode will put 5 to 20 players together in a 2×2 kilometer map where they can practice their skills and improve their gameplay.

The announcement came via Steam, where Valor published a post explaining the upcoming update on PUBG.  According to the article, the PUBG Training Mode allows five to twenty players in a solo queue with matchmaking to explore a brand new 2×2 km map. In this battlefield, players can practice all aspects of the game such as parachute landings, driving vehicles, or practice targeting.

The PUBG Training Mode will feature several things including range targets from 800m range to 400 range and a special 1k range target. You can select from standing targets and moving targets, and some are placed inside a building.

PUBG Training Mode Update
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Aside from range practice, the training mode also has a parachute practice area, parkour area, melee range practice area, and throwables range area. It also has a CQC Course and Indoor CQC Range Course for players to practice different approaches.

Players can also practice driving vehicles and maneuver different tracks including a long track, racing track, off, road, and a sweet stunt ramps.

PUBG Training Track
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According to the developers, the training mode was made to guide new players in understanding the basics of the game such as shooting, looting, driving, parachuting, and navigation. For casual players, the training grounds can help them experiment using different weapons, throwables, and vehicles. And for those hardcore players who are big fans of the game, the mode will help them learn about the deeper gunplay PUBG has to offer.

For more details about the new training mode, you can check out the official post of Valor on Steam.

PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, is a battle-royale shooter game that gained a lot of popularity when it was released for early access in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows gaming PC. Since then, the game has amassed more than 400 million players worldwide and sold 50 million copies worldwide.

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