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News, pictures, and other content related to eSports and gaming events.

A Day in Detroit – Part 1

Conan “Suppy” Liu from Evil Geniuses talks about his experience in Detroit for the recent Red Bull Battle Grounds event.

eSports in Your Backyard

Jason Stewart of Evil Geniuses gives some tips on how to organize a successful local eSports event.

My Adventure to The International 4

Zai shares his experiences traveling with the rest of the Evil Geniuses DotA 2 team to events leading up to and including the International 4, where EG took home 3rd place.

Hearthstone Tournament: Liquidhearth Open

Video Game Voters Networks is featuring a Hearthstone Tournament where individuals can face off in a nationwide competition for a chance to square off against some of the biggest names in Hearthstone.

Do We Still Need DreamHack?

Johan Svedberg of Evil Geniuses talks about his experience at a recent DreamHack event and why he feels major gaming events like it aren’t going anywhere.

Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta

Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta is taking place this weekend and features 128 top StarCraft 2 players from around the globe duking it out for a shot at the Grand Finals in Washington D.C. in September.