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Getting Groovy with eSports: Just Dance Makes an Entrance

jd-eswc-logoUbisoft has announced that Just Dance will now be treated as an eSport and plans for the game to dance its way into the 2014 Electronic Sports World Cup.

“As soon as you put Just Dance on a stage the crowd starts dancing spontaneously,” said Ubisoft’s eSport chief Jean-Baptiste Pennes. “This is really inspiring to us and reflects the fact that dancing is a show as much as it brings people together. Competitive gaming shares the same goal, so we decided to partner with ESWC and create an official discipline with a very accessible show for everyone to feel the thrill of eSport.”

Individuals who wish to participate in this styled competition can enter multiple ways. Competitors can either compete on the World Dance Floor Mode where they will be battling with hundreds of competitors, submit videos to Just Dance TV, or compete at an ESWC Qualifier Event or an Ubisoft Event.

The Top 20 competitors will be given an opportunity to compete in the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, France. The tournament is due to be held October 29th through November 2nd. Other game titles that will be participating in the event include Call of Duty: Ghosts, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and FIFA 14.

Just Dance will be the first ever casual game to be labeled as an eSport. There is no news on whether or not this trend will continue for the 2015 season, but we are sure of the popularity and recognition eSports are beginning to receive. It won’t be long until we start seeing these competitions on television screens regularly.

From Polygon
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