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Best Gaming PCs for Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare: A fresh new take in the extraction shooter genre

If you have been looking for a tactical first person shooter that emphasizes realism, than Gray Zone Warfare is a promising up and coming game. It recently took the gaming world by storm, with it’s early access rising to popularity.

The game sees you joining a private military company to explore a massive MMO open world. The game features a PvEvP mode and PvE mode. Whichever mode you decide to play, you’ll need to strategize to survive against human operators and dangerous AI enemies.

The game arrives at just the right time, as the community of Escape From Tarkov, a game with similar hardcore elements, has turned against the game and it’s developer after a series of controversies.

The graphics are stunning, but being an early access game there are still performance and optimization issues. Thus, hardware requirements for a smoother experience, for now, are a little bit higher than the official system requirements found on Steam.

In this article we’ll take the system requirements for the game and give you some suggestions for the best gaming pcs for early access (and beyond) of Gray Zone Warfare. You can learn more about the game itself on it’s Steam store page or on the developers official website.

The game is currently in Early Access if you want to hop in to a new extraction shooter right now. Otherwise you’ll need to stay tuned for the announcement of an official release date.

The Game

If you are familiar with extraction based shooters, particularly Escape From Tarkov, than Gray Zone will feel pretty familiar but with some interesting twists to the formula that make it more than a Tarkov-clone. First off the game makes it clear from the very get go that there is an emphasis on cooperation.

At the start of the game you have to join one of three factions. The kicker is that you can only group up with players in your faction, and faction changes are only allowed after a full server reset that will typically happen every few months. The time between wipes is still something being dialed in with the early access period.

As a result of the faction system, even if you are solo player with zero interest in grouping up with others, you’ll need to have your faction mates backs. The factions themselves have control of different areas of the games large world map.

The closer you get to the center of this south-eastern Asia inspired map, the more you can expect to encounter enemy combatants. It’s here in these “gray zones” (hey that title is making a lot of sense now) that the meat of the games tactical FPS gameplay comes in to play.

You’ll fight human and AI controlled enemies as you all fight over loot caches. If you die, the blow is softened a bit because Gray Zone uses a persistent map. So you can return to where you were slain to exact your revenge. The risk reward system of delving into dangerous areas for better equipment, and then getting killed are a lot more fun knowing that you can squad up and take revenge should you be taken out.

System Requirements

Gray Zone warfare has fairly demanding system requirements, it’s a pretty game that emphasizes realism. The Early Access has been plagued a bit with performance issues, so keep in mind that this game is a work in progress and performance will likely improve as further optimizations are made. As with any game, the more powerful your system the smoother the performance

System Requirements on Steam for Gray Zone Warfare

Gaming PCs for Gray Zone Warfare

Here are 5 CyberPowerPC gaming PCs that will be perfect. Besides Gray Zone Warfare, these gaming PCs will obviously play any other game you throw at them. Enhance your CyberPower gaming experience with our CK60, a premium 60% mechanical keyboard, which are on sale now on Amazon for around $90!


Windows 11 Home
AMD Ryzen 5 7600
GeForce RTX 4060 8GB
16GB DDR5/5600MHz

Price: $979


Windows 11 Home
Intel Core i5-12400F
GeForce RTX 3060 12GB
16GB DDR4/3200 Mhz

Price: $1049

Windows 11 Home
AMD Ryzen 5 7800X3D
GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER
32GB DDR5/6000MHz RAM
1TB WD Blue SN580

Price: $1729

Windows 11 Home
Intel Core i9-14900KF
32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/6000MHz Memory

Price: $2199

Windows 11 Home
Intel Core i9-14900K
GeForce RTX 4090 24GB
32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/6000MHz Memory


Price: $4929

There you have it 5 of the best gaming PCs for Gray Zone Warfare. Will you we meet you out in the Gray Zone? Let us know (we want your loot)!