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The Top 5 Sci-Fi VR Games on Steam

Raw Data.
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Admit it, every sci-fi fan has either dreamed of traveling through space, wielding laser blasters, or piloting a mecha robot like a Gundam. Thank goodness for VR gaming; it gave us a chance to experience what its like to do those things. And if you’re here because you want to experience the same, then here’s a list of the best five Sci-Fi VR games on Steam that you should start playing:

Space Pirate Trainer


Space Pirate Trainer, is no doubt, one of the most impressive space VR shooting games up to date. This game lets you take control of a wannabe space pirate, transported into a training facility where you can pick up your blasters and fight endless waves of droids. Developed and published by VR game development studio I-Illusions, Space Pirate Trainer is one of the very first titles released for Oculus, Steam VR, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Raw Data


Raw Data is a co-op multiplayer, action-FPS video game designed for VR gaming. The game is set in Neo-Shinjuku on the year 2271, where the world is owned by a pretentious organization known as  Eden Corporation. To reveal their secrets, a resistance movement called SyndiK8 is on the move to expose the truth behind their newest line of robotic products. The player takes the role of a SyndiK8 operative whose on a mission to infiltrate the Eden Tower and steal Raw Data.

Zone of the Enders


Zone of the Enders is for sci-fi fans who have dreamed of becoming a mecha pilot. This action, mecha video game from Konami Digital Entertainment will allow you to relive the experience of the classic 3D robot game. Take control of the JEHUTY Orbital Frame and defend mankind from enemies who threaten to destroy Mars and Planet Earth. The game was just released on Steam last September 5, 2018, for gaming PCs with VR and 4K.

X Rebirth VR Edition


From mecha robots to spaceships, X Rebirth VR Edition is an immersive space simulation VR game based on X Rebirth. The player takes the role of Ren Otani as he sets out on a journey in space as he rebuilds his beloved ship and explores the universe, going into Jump Gates and highways. The game lets you take on missions and create an armada to defend your ship. X Rebirth VR Edition was developed and published by EgoSoft.

The Talos Principle VR


The Talos Principle is the VR version of the critically-acclaimed sci-fi puzzle video game of the same title. In this philosophical science fiction game, you must solve a series of complex puzzles in a massive and strange world, filled with ancient ruins and advanced technology. The game also offers a new narrative, room-scale support, and features locomotion support such as blink and instant teleportations. It is developed by Croteam VR and published by Devolver Digital and Croteam Publishing.

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