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Smite’s First Voodoo God: Baron Samedi, God of Life and Death

Baron Samedi, Voodoo God Screenshoot From A Gaming PC
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Smite has introduced the first voodoo god in the game, Baron Samedi, who is also known as the God of Life and Death. He is a ranged and magical code which uses his dark powers to concoct potions that can heal his allies and summon spirits to bring death to his enemies.

Let’s check out Baron Samedi’s skills:


Passive – Hysteria

Passive - Hysteria Skill As Played in Gaming PC

Baron shares his magical Brew with his allies from the Item Shop, a powerful and restorative chalice. Enemies that are hit by Baron will have Hysteria applied to them. Any abilities that interact with Hysteria is then provided with bonus effects. Targets with Max Hysteria will then take 20% additional damage from him.

1st Ability – Vivid Gaze

1st Ability - Vivid Gaze as Played in A Gaming PC.

Vivid Gaze is an ability that allows Baron Samedi to animate two skills, which can fire two beams of voodoo magic, dealing damage to enemies. Its beams can crossover wherever Baron Samedi is aiming. Enemy gods that are hit by both of the beams will take 15% of damage on the second hit.

If the enemy has more than 30 stacks of Hysteria, their Magical Power, Physical Power, and Attack Speed will be reduced.

2nd Ability – Consign Spirits

2nd Ability - Consign Spirits As Played in Gaming PC

Upon activation, Baron will guide restless spirits to the ground and then bury them. After a short delay, the ground then erupts, damaging enemies who are standing in the area. If an enemy god is hit by the explosion, friendly spirits will appear from the area and heal allies near the explosion.

If hysteria is applied to the enemy god that is hit, friendly spirits will buff allies, cleaning slows, making them immune to slows, and increase their Movement Speed.

3rd Ability – Wrap It Up

3rd Ability - Wrap It Up As Played in A Gaming PC

Wrap It Up is an ability that throws his snake forward, which will wrap an enemy god and then deal damage every .5 seconds for 2.5 seconds. After that, it will then root the enemy into place.

If the enemy god has a stack of Hysteria above 30, the snake will then lash out at nearby enemy gods who will stand too close after 1 second. Enemies hit by the snake are then injected with venom that will then ramp to root and then deal full damage over time immediately.

Ultimate – Light of the Party

Ultimate - Life of the Party As Played in A Gaming PC

This ability is Baron Samedi’s ultimate skill. Life of the Party allows him to pull the souls of the living toward his Coffin, which give him CC immunity and will enable him to take 35% reduced damage. Enemy gods within the range are also pulled towards the Coffin, taking damage every .33 seconds. When the enemy god gets too close to the coffin, their soul will be ripped out, stunning them and dealing a large amount of damage based on their total health. The enemy god also gain max Hysteria.

Life of the Party can stay for 3.5 seconds or until an enemy god is pulled to the coffin. If the target enemy has a stack of Hysteria above 30, the pull of strength is increased.


To check out Baron Samedi’s skills and gameplay, you can download Smite free on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, XBox One, and PlayStation 4.

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