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PUBG Announces New Reward System

PUBG New Reward System Tested in a Gaming PC
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Early this month, we posted an article about PUBG’s new training mode. But it seems that’s not the only update we’re getting because the developers also announced that a new reward system will be implemented in the game.

As fans of the game know, PUBG already has a reward system. However, not everyone likes it due to the fact it requires spending money to attain rewards such as cosmetic crates. So to deal with the backlash, developers introduced a new reward system as part of the 2.1 Update.

The 2.1 Update includes the new training mode, a new vehicle, a new weapon, a few tweaks to the BP system, and the new reward system called the Supply System. The new mission-based reward system will feature missions called Survivor Objectives which upon the player’s completion will give out XP for you to level up.

PUBG Survival Objectives
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Each level in the Survivor Objectives will reward the player with a mystery crate that includes a new item. Unfortunately, each reward earned are temporary, which means that it will only be in your inventory for a limited time and is bound to expire. But there are also rewards which you can keep permanently; these rewards can be earned at every 10th level such as Level 10, 20, 30, and etc.

It is unclear why the developers chose such a reward system, but many players noted that it shows messages which point them to the Steam Store to buy more cosmetics. This leads them to believe that the Supply System is just one of the tactics to get players to buy more items from the shop.

As of now, the update is running to the test server before rolling out to the main servers.

PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, has become a big hit in online gaming since its released in 2017. This battle-royale shooter game lets 100 players pit against each other in a fight for survival. PUBG is available on Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, and XBox One consoles.

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