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League of Legends Teases New Champion Update: Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump As Played In Gaming PC
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One of the oldest champions in League of Legends is getting a champion update, and that is Nunu, the Yeti Rider we all adored. The rework was first teased on the Brazilian site of League of Legends website. The teaser showed a thumbnail of the two friends with their new looks.

A video trailer of the champion update was also posted, showing off their new visual designs and a bit of their gameplay. Nunu and Willump have retained their original look but was a bit altered according to their lore update. Nunu brings in the same young and small boy, dressed in winter clothes, while Willump had a new design which gives him a more adorable and cuddly look than his previous one.

When it comes to their skills, it seems that Nunu and Willump have kept Absolute Zero and Consume. But other than the two, we’re sure that the rest are new skills which will soon be introduced by Riot on their next post about Nunu’s champion update.


Furthermore, Riot has also decided to change the champion name from Nunu to Nunu and Willump to emphasize the friendship of the two champions, which comes as one, similar to Kindred’s Lamb and Wolf.

League of Legends Europe described their Nunu, and Willump’s bond of friendship is stronger than the bonds of blood, and their bond is a force to be reckoned with. With the fearless boy meeting the fearsome Yeti, the two are now on a journey to become the heroes they have dreamt of.

Nunu and Willump’s lore has also been updated. The story goes that Nunu was a boy who dreams of being a hero by slaying a fearsome monster named Willump. However, he soon discovered that Willump was not a monster at all, he was a lonely and magical Yeti who is looking for a friend. Fated to meet and be bound by an ancient power, Nunu and Willump now journey across the Frejlord, looking for Nunu’s mother.

The new champion update for Nunu and Willump is said to be released as a part of the Patch 8.17.  So make sure to get your gaming PC or laptops ready for the update.

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