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League of Legends Skins: Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon

Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon
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Once, there was a haughty dragon king named Talon who challenged the demigoddess Irelia. After he was defeated, Irelia sealed his power within her divine blades so he could learn humility from humankind.

The two characters have now descended to the Summoner’s Rift known as the Divine Sword Irelia and the Enduring Sword Talon.

Let’s check them out:

Divine Sword Irelia


Divine Sword Irelia is one of the two newest Immortal Journey skins. Wielding the divine swords from the heavens, Irelia has come to the battlefield of Summoner’s Rift to defeat unworthy tyrants who dare to challenge her.

The new skin gives Irelia a new model and textures including new blades to use at her will. It also includes a new spell VFX, featuring crisp purple and gold, and new SFX, which fits Irelia’s demigoddesses standards. Lastly, the skin also gives Irelia a new recall animation, showing her blade dance as she summons a dragon that brings her home.

Enduring Sword Talon


Enduring Sword Talon has arrived in the Rift to scour the field, looking for a new opponent he could challenge.

The new skin gives Talon an all-new model and textures, giving him a wondrous light blue cape and hair. It also gives him new spell VFX, featuring beautiful cyan hues, and new SFX, giving the sound of those killing blades as they ring. Its recall animation, on the other hand, shows Talon as he returns to the spawning area in a flashy but meditative style.


Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon are part of the Immortal Journey skins. They are available for 1350 RP each. To check these new skins, make sure to download the latest patch 8.17 on your gaming PC and update your League of Legends program.

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