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League of Legends Champion Update: Akali, The Rogue Assassin

Akali Champion Update in Your Gaming PC
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Riot has decided to revamp one of its oldest champions, Akali. Now, the Fist of Shadow will be known as the Rogue Assassin, who is still built to dominate the mid lane and intimidate her enemies with her burst damage and target access.

Let’s check out her new set of skills:



PASSIVE –  Assassin’s Mark

PASSIVE - Assassin's Mark

Once Akali damages an enemy champion with her ability, a ring will appear and give her a burst of movement speed towards it. And if Akali once again crosses the ring, she gains another burst of movement speed towards the enemy.

Crossing the ring will also empower her weapon, increasing its range and damage. Her next attack will also restore a small amount of her energy.

Q – Five Point Strike

Q - Five Point Strike

When executed, Akali throws five kunai to her enemy in a narrow arc which causes damage and slows those at its maximum range. If the ability is cast with nearly full energy, she will heal for a percentage of her damage. Once this ability reaches level 5, it will deal extra damage to monsters and minions.

W – Twilight Shroud

W - Twilight Shroud

Akali creates a cloud of smoke, slowly spreading to cover a ring-shaped area. While in the smoke, Akali remains obscured and can’t be targeted by any abilities or attacks. Akali also gains movement speed while in the smoke. Akali can also extend the duration of Twilight Shroud by leaving the smoke for a few times.

The execution of this ability also causes her to restore energy.

E – Shuriken Flip

E - Shuriken Flip

Akali does a backflip and throws a shuriken forward, causing damage and marking the first enemy it hits. She can reactivate Shuriken Flip to dash to the marked target, allowing her to damage enemies she passes through.

Akali can also use this ability while in the Twilight Shroud.

R – Perfect Execution

R - Perfect Execution

This is Akali’s ultimate ability. It causes her to dash up to two times, with a short delay in between. The first dash will deal physical damage and briefly stun an enemy, while the second dash will deal magic damage which is based on the missing health of the enemy.


Akali’s updated version is now available in the game. To try her new skill set and gameplay, download the latest PBE Patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC. Aside from her abilities, her splash-arts and skins are also updated as well as her lore.

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