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Genshin Impact Announces Upcoming Characters: Al Haitham and Yao Yao

Genshin Impact Announces Upcoming Characters: Al Haitham and Yao Yao

HoyoVerse announces two new playable characters for Genshin Impact during The Game Awards 2022. The first character is the most-awaited Dendro character, Yao Yao, and the other is the Sumerian scribe, Al Haitham. Al Haitham is a character the Traveler worked with to save the Dendro Archon, Kusanali. And now, with the official announcement of Al Haitham being a playable character, fans couldn’t help their excitement.

Al Haitham and Yao Yao

Genshin Impact is in its 3.3 patches and has released new characters: Scaramouche and Faruzan. During 3.2, the game’s mainline story finally ended when the Traveler defeated Scaramouche and the Sumeru Akademiya with the help of Al Haitham, Cyno, Dehya, and Candice. Since Cyno and Candice have been released, fans we’re waiting for Hoyoverse to finally announce Al Haitham and Yao Yao as playable characters.

He will be joined alongside YaoYao, who was teased in the prior art. But fans must wait as their release will be on a slower schedule than we expected. Both characters will have the Dendro element and are expected to deal with elemental reactions. He is said to be a DPS character, while YaoYao will have a skill kit to support her party members.

Many fans are excited about his arrival in the game since he’s been a fan favorite since the Sumeru Archon quest started. Since the HoyoVerse announcement, fans have shown excitement on social media channels by posting fanart, memes, and appreciation posts.

Release Dates

HoyoVerse has yet to confirm the release dates for Al Haitham and Yao Yao. However, it is expected that the two new playable characters will be coming in the Genshin Impact 3.4 update.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play and open-world RPG set in a fantasy world called Teyvat. You can download the game for free on their official website for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and on selected gaming consoles.

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