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Fallout 4 Receiving Free Update

Fallout 4 cover art - a power armor mask
Fallout 4 Cover Art

The Fallout show has just been released on Prime. To the surprise of many, given the history of not so great game adaptations in media, the show is a hit! Keeping the Fallout frenzy going, Bethesda is releasing an update to their hit 2015 game, Fallout 4.

What’s new in the Fallout 4 update?

Fallout 4 is receiving a free update for download on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5, and PC. It will bring native applications to the current gen consoles, performance and quality graphics modes, stability and bug fixes, and 60 FPS performance at increased resolutions.

For PC players, Fallout 4 is also getting a free update. The next generation update improves graphics and performance just like the console updates, as well as provides widescreen and ultra widescreen support. The game will get fixes to the Creation kit and a variety of quest updates as well.

PC players on Steam, Microsoft Store, and GOG will get stability, mods, and bug fixes. It was also announced that the game will be verified for the Steam Deck.

The update will also bring access to free Creation Club items. This includes the Enclave Remnants pack, the Makeshift Weapons Pack, and Halloween workshop items.

When will the Fallout 4 update be available?

The new update will be available for download later this month on April 25th.

What CyberPowerPC do I need for Fallout 4?

If you need a gaming PC perfect for playing the latest Fallout 4 next-gen update, then check out the deals in our Spring Break Gaming Sale. Whether you want a custom, prebuilt, or a gaming laptop – CyberPowerPC has all of your wasteland adventuring needs. The original game came out in 2015, so most of our systems should be able to handle the game no problem, even with bumped up system requirements from the new update.