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EA Plans to Remaster Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer Remastered
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“I’ve got a present for ya!”

It’s official, we’re finally getting a remastered version of the classic and popular RTS video game, Command and Conquer.

EA Producer Jim Vesella made the announcement through a Reddit post, stating their plans to remaster the classic PC game as part of the company’s upcoming 25th Year Anniversary. According to the post, Vesella and EA have heard about the fans’ request to see the franchise to return to PC after the company had released a mobile game set in the Command and Conquer Universe called “Command & Conquer: Rivals.”

Vesella also asked the community for feedback that can help them develop the game’s remastered version. He also noted that EA will be talking to fans in a variety of ways, and fans are free to share their thoughts on the subreddit. Lastly, he encouraged fans all over the world to help him and the company shape the future of the Command and Conquer franchise.

With that statement, one can hope that we’re not only getting one remastered game from EA. They might also release a remastered version of the other games from the Command and Conquer franchise including the famous Red Alert Series.


Command and Conquer, also known as C&C, was one of the earliest RTS video games for PCs and consoles. It was first released worldwide in 1995 by its developer, Westwood, introducing the Tiberium. The game then featured the two warring factions, Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod. Due to its success, Westwood then released another game which was described as the prequel of Tiberium called Red Alert. Unlike in Tiberium, Red Alert was set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union declared war to the Allies.

All in all, the Command and Conquer franchise has spawned a total of twenty-three games. These games are then divided into four series namely the Tiberium, the Red Alert, the General, and the Future. Westwood Studios was able to release twelve of these games until EA Los Angeles took over in 2003. EA Los Angeles then developed and released eight more games under the Command and Conquer Franchise, which was then given to EA Phenomic in 2011 and then to Totem Arts in 2014. But thankfully, in 2018, the rights to develop and release Command and Conquer games was given to EA Redwood Studios, the same developers who worked on the mobile game, Command and Conquer: Rivals.

And with that, we hope that the remastered version of Command and Conquer that will be released for gaming PCs and consoles will be able to live up to the community’s expectations.

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