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CES 2024 – Upcoming CyberPowerPC Products

We just wrapped up CES 2024 where we revealed our upcoming products for 2024. First off, we are delighted to announce that the Kinetic Case, first revealed at CES 2022, is now available to purchase on our website. To create a PC with the Kinetic Case, simply choose the case in the chassis options of our configurator. Moving on to the NEW new stuff – this year we have lots of new case designs. From updates to fan favorites like our Amethyst Case, to new designs using wood – this year is full of many elegant case options. Apart from the cases, we are also excited to announce our new series of Tracer Series Gaming Laptops. This year’s Tracer VIII Gaming Laptops come in three varieties – the Tracer VIII Edge, The Tracer VIII Gaming, and The Tracer VIII Ultra. These new laptops feature the latest Intel Core 14th Generation mobile processors as well as RTX 40 Series graphics. Optional and detachable liquid cooling is available as well, making these laptops the ultimate mobile powerhouses.

Let’s dive in to what’s coming in 2024.

Kinetic 360V

Intelligent airflow is here. Our award winning Kinetic Series Case is here at last, available now as a case option on custom built gaming PCs from our website. The final design of our Kinetic case is a midtower built with a sturdy steel, a tempered glass side panel to display your components, and of course the temperature sensing front panel made up of 18 individually moving micro-servo controlled vents. Sound dampening panels keep noise to a minimum. Up to date I/O ensures ultimate connectivity. You can learn more about the Kinetic Case here.

NV5S Case

An aquarium style case that features a seamless glass from front to the side panel. This case supports 360mm liquid cooling. It features an LED strip that accents the case with beautiful RGB lines. It is available in black or white.

Amethyst 360V

Our popular Amethyst case returns in 2024. This year you can expect more variety with the Amethyst, with new front panel options. Mesh and wood front panel options are available. The real excitement with this case is what else YOU can come up with. That’s right, the front panel uses a magnetic interchangeable design. Open Source 3D models for the base vents will be made public for ultimate customization. The case itself supports 360mm liquid cooling. LED strip case lighting accents the sleek angles of the case. The case is available in black and white options.

Syber Grvty

Syber Grvty is a modern minimalist with a sleek sunken mesh design that also features magnetic interchangeable front panel vents. Like Amethyst, 3D models for the base vent structure will be available to the public for ultimate customization options. Grtvty supports up to 360mm liquid cooling, and is available in black and white options.

Aventus 360v

Mesh all the way around. Aventus features a modern minimalist design with full wrap around mesh venting for maximum airflow. Aventus supports up to 360mm liquid cooling, and also features LED strip case lighting accents. It is available in black or white.

Prism 360v

A new alternative to our Prism design with a full glass aquarium style design. It has support for up to 360mm radiators and features LED light strips to accent the case.

Lumina 360V

Modern minimalist design. Lumina has a full wrap around front venting panel built with maximum airflow in mind. It has support for 360mm liquid cooling and LED light bars for case lighting accents. Lumina is available in white.

Silvina 360V

Modern minimalist design, Silvina is the same case body as Lumina but with a tasteful wood front panel, also built with airflow in mind. Silvina supports 360mm liquid cooling and has LED case lighting behind the wood accents.

Amethyst 240S

A simplified version of our award winning Amethyst case. This slightly smaller version supports up to 240mm liquid cooling. An accented front panel provides interesting sharp angles that make the case pop. Available ion white and black options.

Cube 3 360V

The third generation edition of our long running Cube case. The Cube 3 features a horizontal mounted layout to showoff your components. It supports up to 360mm liquid cooling.

Tracer VIII Gaming Laptops

Tracer VIII Edge I17E

The newest generation of Tracer gaming laptops features a 17.3 WQXGA 2560×1600 240hz display, 14th generation Intel i9-14900HX processor, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, a mechanical RGB backlit keyboard, and optional detachable liquid cooling.

Tracer VIII Gaming i16G

The newest generation of Tracer VIII Gaming Series – featuring a 16” WQXGA 2560×1600 240Hz SRGB 100% display, 14th Gen Intel i9-14900Hx processor and NVIDIA RTX 4090, and a mechanical backlit gaming keyboard.

Tracer VIII Ultra

The newest generation of Tracer VIII Ultra series featuring a 15.3” WQXGA 2560×1600 120Hz SRGB 100% display, 14th Gen Intel Core Processors, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 or 4060 graphics, and a membrane RGB backlit gaming keyboard. The Tracer VIII Ultra is a luxurious thin ultra-book that packs best in class gaming performance into a sleek portable laptop.

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