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Barotrauma Final Steam Early Access Update

Submarine survival game Barotrauma is a co-op multiplayer sci-fi experience where up to 16 players manage intricate submarine systems to survive in sub-zero temperatures and explore an alien ocean. Your submarine crew fights for underwater survival in the far reaches of our solar system.

The game is set in the near future where intrepid adventurers have fled Earth and settled on Jupiter’s watery moon Europa. In this inhospitable environment, human life is only possible in the ocean deep below the moon’s frozen surface, and this is where you and your (hopefully) brave crew come in. But it’s not just humans who fight for survival in the depths…

You play as a member of a submarine crew and are tasked with directing your vessel through dangerous surroundings, exploring alien ruins and completing difficult missions. Players must manage all kinds of on-board systems, such as the nuclear reactor, sonar, guns, machines and more.

Thanks to a complex crafting system, the crew can create tools, medicines and weapons to aid their survival. But it is important to act quickly and strategically, especially when faced with unexpected catastrophes. Including the role of captain, there are five different classes, and up to 16 players can join the crew of one submarine.

Procedurally generated levels and events make for almost endless adrenaline-filled fun – whether you dive into the depths with your friends or just watch other players’ struggle against the dangers lurking below.

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developers FakeFish and Undertow Games are extending an open invitation for gamers worldwide to try Barotrauma for free this coming weekend. Deep divers and submarine crews better strap-in and prepare to submerge into the fascinating frozen depths of the oceans of Europa, free of charge, starting October 6th at 10 AM Pacific Time and until October 9th at 1 PM Pacific Time.

Travel through the final major Early Access content update ahead of the game’s full release in early 2023 and it comes with a wide array of additions and changes including performance enhancements, an entirely new transport sub, the removal of the Deep Diver class, re-worked upgrade systems, the addition of submarine tiers, new and better categorization for weapons, and a ton of quality of life upgrades.

Here’s the Hoist the Sails update breakdown:

New vanilla sub dubbed, The Camel: An early-game transport submarine.

Sleeker submarine upgrades system: fewer upgrades for greater gain at a time, and the introduction of some class-specific upgrades to make the submarine classes stand out better.

No more Deep Diver: This class offered little advantage besides being able to take you through the last levels of a campaign, so it was decided to remove it altogether. Deep Divers become Scouts, and you will be able to finish the campaign on any ship that you have upgraded enough.

A new submarine tier system: Besides being of a specific class, subs will now be ranked into tiers (I–III) depending on how advanced they are. Tier is assigned based on a submarine’s price and can be adjusted in the Sub Editor. Tier and class together determine the maximum limit for upgrades for a sub, making it more advantageous to buy new subs as well as upgrade existing ones.

New & bigger guns!

Tutorials Reworked: A new set of tutorials are being added to the game in an effort to make onboarding a little easier for new players. First off, players will be greeted by a basic tutorial to introduce general mechanics useful for all player roles. After that, the player will be free to access more nuanced role-specific tutorials.

Performance and quality of life updates!

To complement an already exciting weekend, Daedalic Entertainment is also happy to confirm that Barotrauma will sport a 75% discount on Steam spanning the entire weekend and ending on Thursday October 20th at 10 AM Pacific time. So, get those gaming PCs ready!

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Barotrauma is coming to PC (Steam) in early 2023.

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