Power to the three

The ultimate professional workstation is back with the Power Mega III - a series of performance workstation PCs designed to provide the speed, power, and efficiency to maximize your productivity allowing you to do more with less time.

Perfect Performance

Don't just meet your needs, exceed it. Power Mega III systems gives you the perfect blend of the latest computing technologies with the reliability and proven performance you seek. Power Mega III workstations are powered by the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors alongside its Z87 express chipset for supreme multi-tasking and content creation. For those who demand extreme processing power, Intel® Xeon® processors can be optioned in single of dual setups to handle your most intensive applications.

The Power Mega III uses world-class workstation graphics powered by NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro. These proven graphic processing cards provide impressive speeds and accelerates your rendering and/or graphically intensive tasks dramatically by efficiently allocating workload. The Power Mega III incorporates the full Quadro and FirePro lineup of professional grade GPUs to ensure maximum speeds and minimal downtime.

Elegant Design. Silent Operations.

The Power Mega III series features sophistically crafted enclosures that ensure a professional clean look while maintaining important features found in gaming grade chassis. Enter the Thermaltake Urban S21 and NZXT H630 silent enclosures.

All-in-one Cooling Solution

Heavy duty workstations can output a lot of heat. Thankfully, the Power Mega III is equipped with a plethora of cooling options to accommodate any setup. Power Mega III workstations come standard with professionally engineered all-in-one liquid cooling setups that are maintenance free. CYBERPOWERPC's Advance Hydro liquid cooling configurations provide the ultimate thermal cooling solution with radiator sizes from 240mm to 360mm.


Power Mega III workstations provide greater CPU computing performance than ever before. The Power Mega III provides dual CPU support with Intel® Xeon® processors for up to 16 cores with 32 virtual cores of processing power.


When you need more GPU power to accelerate your tasks, the Power Mega III has you covered. With Multi-GPU support, you can expand your performance workstation with up to 4 NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro GPUs ready to compute your work flow.


Expand your visual real-estate and improve your efficiency by outputting your images across multiple displays. Power Mega III workstations provide support for a minimum of 3 monitors out of the box. Be the master of your tasks and expand up to 6 monitors with AMD's eyefinity support.

4K Ultra Revolution

The 4K revolution is coming. Power Mega III workstations are 4K-ready ensuring that your system is future proof and ready for 4K. Experience computing in a new way with the Power Mega III workstation and 4K Ultra resolution displays.