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Intel Core i9-14900KS : Available now at CyberPowerPC

The world’s fastest desktop processor – i9-14900KS

Intel’s latest special edition processor, the Intel Core i9-14900KS, has just arrived. It features the highest clock rate seen on a desktop processor to date. Perhaps the even more special thing about this chip is that will be the last Core i9 processor. The future generation of chips will be split into two tiers: “Core” and “Core Ultra”, the latter which represents the more premium chips that have a higher tier of performance. But let’s not get too in the weeds with branding updates, you are here to learn what’s new with the I9-14900KS.

i9-14900KS – What’s Different

At first glance the i9-14900KS is mostly the same as the standard i9-14900K. It features an identical design with eight threaded Performance Cores and 16 threaded Efficient Cores. What sets the 14900KS apart is not just the extra “S” at the end of the name. No, the 14900KS is forged from Intel’s highest-binned silicon to deliver even faster processing speeds at the lowest possible voltages at any given frequency. Its P-cores can hit a 200Mhz higher boost speed, meaning the chip can hit up to a whopping 6.2GHz on two cores, if it remains under 70C (more on cooling in a minute).

Power Draw

To support this better binned silicon and higher frequencies, the 14900KS uses more power that peaks at 320W. Meaning you’ll be seeing this chip paired with a high end motherboard and power supply when used in our systems. Furthermore, because of the power draw and frequency of this chip, you are going to need a cooling solution that is up to the task.

Cooling & Delidding Service

As a result, custom builds on our website with the 14900KS will need to select a 360MM AIO liquid cooler or better. Our online configurator will notify you to select this type of cooler, and will not let you place an order without one.

Additionally, we are offering a de-lidding service for these CPUs to further enhance the cooling capabilities on these chips. This involves removing the metal integrated heat spreader from the CPU and the stock thermal past on it and replacing that with premium thermal paste. The result is greater heat dissipation, ensuring more stable temperatures and performance.

Limited Quantities

Remember, the 14900KS is a special edition processor, so quantities are limited. If you want the best possible hardware, you don’t want to miss out on a system with a i9-14900KS.

With the KS you are practically guaranteed to get the best silicon Intel has on offer. Whether you are an overclocked, or just an extreme enthusiast who loves pushing high end hardware to the limit, the i9-14900KS is the CPU for you.

You will get bragging rights over your gamer buddies with the KS’s blistering fast 6.2 GHz boost speed.

Get a PC with an i9-14900KS

Hopefully you got a good idea of what the i9-14900KS is all about. We would be thrilled to build you your next custom desktop with an Intel Core i9-14900KS processor. Head over here to learn more about our Intel based gaming desktops, and begin customizing your new high end PC with a 14900KS today.