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How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming in 2024?

RAM – The more the merrier!

The age old question of “how much RAM do you need gaming in 2024” continues to be relevant. The technology powering our gaming PCs and experiences continues to advance at an exponential rate. As a result of these advancements, the requirements for optimal gaming experiences evolve alongside it. As game developers push the boundaries of graphics, AI emerges to revolutionize game mechanics, and game worlds grow ever more detailed and expansive – it’s important to answer the question of how much RAM you should have for gaming in 2024.

What is RAM?

Firstly, let’s understand the role RAM plays in gaming performance. By definition, Random Access Memory, or RAM, acts as temporary storage for data that the computer’s processor needs quick access to. In gaming, RAM is crucial for storing game assets, textures, and other temporary data while the game is running. Insufficient RAM can lead to performance issues like stuttering, slow loading times, and even crashes. As anyone can attest, these issues are annoying to deal with and can even make you not want to play a game all together.

How much of it do I need?

In 2024, the baseline for gaming RAM has shifted compared to previous years. With the increasing complexity of games and the demand for higher resolutions and frame rates, the recommended amount of RAM for gaming PCs has also increased. While 8GB of RAM was once considered sufficient for gaming, it’s now more common for gaming PCs to come equipped with 16GB or even 32GB of RAM. You’ll notice that most of our PCs feature this as a default now. We also usually have some sort of RAM promotion on our website, allowing you to double your memory for no additional cost. You can check out all of our current deals here.

For most gamers 16GB of RAM is still the sweet spot in 2024. This amount provides enough headroom for the operating system, background processes, and the game itself to run smoothly without any bottlenecks. It also allows for multitasking, such as running a game while streaming or video editing, without compromising performance.

However, for enthusiasts or those looking to future-proof their systems, 32GB of RAM might be a more attractive option. Games are becoming increasingly demanding, with features like ray tracing, advanced physics simulations, and larger open worlds requiring more memory to run smoothly. Additionally, having more RAM can help future-proof your system against upcoming titles that may have even higher requirements. It can also ensure your gaming PC is equipped for the tasks you may do outside of gaming, such as graphic design, video editing, or needing to multitask with a variety of programs.

Improved Performance… but Diminishing Returns

That said, there’s a point of diminishing returns when it comes to RAM for gaming. While having more than 16GB or 32GB of RAM may offer some benefits, such as smoother multitasking or better performance in certain scenarios, the difference in gaming performance is often marginal compared to the increased cost. For most gamers, investing in other components like a faster CPU or GPU would yield a more noticeable improvement in gaming performance. So consider your needs when customizing a PC on our website, or selecting one of our prebuilt systems at a retailer like Best Buy.

The specific requirements can vary depending on the types of games you play and the settings you prefer. For example, esports games like Fortnite, Valorant, and League of Legends typically have lower RAM requirements compared to AAA titles

RAM Speed – Another Feature to Consider

Another thing to take into account besides the amount of RAM you have is the speed of the RAM. Faster RAM can help the CPU access data more quickly, allowing it to process game instructions and feed data to the GPU more efficiently. In CPU-bound scenarios, this can lead to slightly higher frame rates, particularly in CPU-intensive games or when the CPU is handling multiple tasks simultaneously. For DDR5 based systems, we recommend RAM that runs at 4800 MHz and above to see the most benefit.

The amount of RAM you need for gaming in 2024 depends on your budget, gaming preferences, and future-proofing considerations. 16GB is definitely still the sweet spot for most gamers, but opting for 32GB or more can offer some benefits for enthusiasts, those looking to future-proof their systems, or gamers who just want a bit more performance from their system.