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Customer Rating

Saving and Loading Configurations are not easy to do @ the web site, nor is it easy to share configurations or retrieve well formatted order itineraries- Web UI could use improvement. Would be nice to see some financing/leasing options - BizOps could use some improvement in that regard.

5/4/2016 5:41:19 PM
Customer Rating

DANNY H. was great to work with, he had great customer service, and was very patient with me throughout the whole ordering process. I would highly recommend this company for a great product.

5/4/2016 4:02:33 PM
Customer Rating

I'm very pleased with my new, VR ready pc.

5/4/2016 10:35:05 AM
Customer Rating

Great company and Great options. Laptops just as good as their desktops. Still wish that you could get you system quicker, same week delivery would be amazing. But as its a custom made system I understand.

5/4/2016 9:10:43 AM
Customer Rating

An overall quite enjoyable experience.

5/4/2016 8:15:02 AM
Customer Rating

Thank you for the amazing computer. I think think that it is definitely worth the price.

5/4/2016 7:32:46 AM
Customer Rating

Overall an awesome experience. I would buy again through cyberpower and recommend it to my friends and family.

5/4/2016 5:36:56 AM
Customer Rating

This is my 2nd cyberpc I purchased. Only had it for 2 days but I love it. I ran it through a benchmark test and it surpassed my friends alienware he paid twice as much for.

5/4/2016 4:14:24 AM
Customer Rating

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality in which my order arrived.

5/4/2016 4:13:53 AM
Customer Rating

I've purchased several computers from Cyberpowe and will continue to do so. I have always found their website ready to use despite being somewhat novice at the more technical side. I never feel I'm getting a bad deal and know that what I order will arrive timely and will work.

5/4/2016 3:22:25 AM
Customer Rating

Sent a note with the purpose/use of the system and asked if there was anything missing or any suggestions for improvement and the response was "everything looks ok". this was not true as there was not a video cable and the video card should have been upgraded to support the 3D rendering requirement. The point is that the response from sales was just a "mail it in" answer.

5/4/2016 2:31:45 AM
Customer Rating

Wonderful shopping experience. Super easy to customize your new computer to meet your needs.

5/4/2016 1:45:10 AM
Customer Rating

Great service. I had some issues with the card I was using, and your customer service on this matter was excellent and worked with me until I could get the error corrected. The only thing I could think of that could be improved upon is the website. It's very cluttered. Also the menus are sometimes unclear. For instance when I was picking out a PSU it had options organized by wattage, which is fine. This lead me to believe you could only choose between wattages and not specific brand names of PSUs. There was also a strip at the top of the PSU section that appeared to reorganize the list in different ways. However this actually would allow you to choose different PSU options. I did not realize this before putting in my order unfortunately and so got a generic PSU of appropriate wattage when I would have preferred to choose a brand name.

5/3/2016 6:29:46 PM
Customer Rating

Tech support was super helpful and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. Everything was shipped very nicely and safely.

5/3/2016 3:00:51 PM
Customer Rating

the find print on the video card, did not see the non-SLI in the descriptiion.

5/3/2016 1:35:01 PM
Customer Rating

everything about buying this pc was great. only problem i had was I got emailed about the pc going into the warehouse. it said i could reply to the email. So I did with a question about the sli bridge (i couldn't remember if I selected one, and if not could i go ahead and purchase one) No one ever got back to me on it.

5/3/2016 1:34:41 PM
Customer Rating

Customer Service and sales should be more friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and less CURT to customers.

5/3/2016 12:42:28 PM
Customer Rating

Only downside was the amount of time it took to get the laptop built and shipped. However, I'm very pleased with the overall experience and would recommend this brand to a friend. Sales was reasonably communicative about the process and ended up shipping within their revised timeline.

5/3/2016 3:58:53 AM
Customer Rating

very good

5/2/2016 4:53:23 PM
Customer Rating

Hi, our overall experience was great - however when the item was shipped, it was delivered and signed for by our next door neighbor. We live in a good neighborhood where we trust our neighbors but others may not. I would suggest specifying that if the customer wants to be the only person who can sign for the package, purchase the "Adult Signature Required" tracking option. To UPS, this means only an adult at the delivery address can sign for the package. Other signature options mean ANY signature is fine, even if it's a shady AF next door neighbor, a hobo on the street, the kid playing down the way, etc.... you get the picture. :) I would also suggest allowing people to pick them up at a local UPS shipping store, which may be preferred by some customers as well. Thanks again, we love the new computer, and we're happy with the quality, options, and ease of purchasing offered by your site. Jess

5/2/2016 7:09:51 AM
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