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Customer Rating

2nd time i bought from cyberpower and i was pleased with the results. A few small hicups on the purchase but it was resolved quickly.

2/13/2016 5:24:21 PM
Customer Rating

The Computer is really great, and very fast. Excellent Job!

2/13/2016 2:08:45 PM
Customer Rating

Everyone at CYBERPOWERPC was helpful in my machine build. Only wish UPS didn't treat the box like it was a cartwheel.

2/13/2016 6:50:14 AM
Customer Rating

We LOVE our custom built machines. There was an issue with shipping and Cyber Power took care of the issue with no hassles. Thanks for a great product and terrific customer service!

2/13/2016 6:40:51 AM
Customer Rating

This is the second time I tried to purchase a system. The first time my dad was going to pay for it and ship it to me because we live far apart. We had issues with the fact that the billing and shipping addresses were different. Even after changing the address on the card account you were still unable to process it. I had to completely cancel the order, lose all of my deals and reorder. This needs to be fixed.

2/13/2016 6:40:19 AM
Customer Rating

The computer is actually for my husband, and overall he is very happy with the purchase. We didn't like the problem with billing and shipping address being different, but we appreciated the warning beforehand on the website. Also, the sales representative was very helpful and quick to respond to my emails.

2/12/2016 10:37:41 PM
Customer Rating

Very easy and helpful service, only a few issues here and there but nothing serious. Keep up the good work!

2/12/2016 8:12:22 PM
Customer Rating

I did have an issue with a double billing but was resolved in the time frame I was told it would be taken care of.

2/12/2016 4:29:42 PM
Customer Rating

This was my first purchase from Cyberpower PC and it was a great experience. I called a few times to check on the status of my order since I had put in a 3-day Rush and both times everyone I talked to was super pleasant and helpful. It made me feel confident about the company I was purchasing from and that my build was in good hands. I gave shipping options only a "3" because I wish there was an option to choose FedEx as a carrier along with UPS, that we weren't just locked into one. I also gave Delivery a "3" because my box arrived with some deep punctures in the box which had me worried. I've received similar items from UPS and they don't seem to handle packages carefully which is really unfortunate. Thankfully, my computer seemed fine and booted up with no issues. I would definitely work with Cyberpower PC in the future.

2/12/2016 2:17:00 PM
Customer Rating

I appreciated the emails that were sent to me indicating the progress of the computer build.

2/12/2016 11:54:01 AM
Customer Rating

Great system for the price. It tears up even the most demanding games I play. The one suggestion I would have is to maybe include a little more detailed page of instructions for set up. It took me awhile to figure out some of the hook up (although most likely your normal customers are much better versed in hardware than I am).

2/12/2016 6:48:19 AM
Customer Rating

I received my new computer earlier this week. I have been happy with everything so far!

2/12/2016 6:00:38 AM
Customer Rating

The entire shopping and purchasing experience at your company was great. The only bad experience I experienced had nothing to do with your company, but, with the shipping company UPS. I had 2nd Day Air as my delivery option because the computer had to be shipped to my Hawaii address. On the day of delivery, I had to take off from work because they gave me a 2:00PM to 6:00PM window (on Tuesday) for their delivery of the package. I met the truck as he arrived at my house and waited while the driver was rummaging in the truck looking for my package. After about five minutes, the driver emerges and tells me that he can't find my package in the truck. He goes back to look some more then tells me that he still has to finish his route and UPS will try to deliver the package the next day (Wednesday). I took off from work again on Wednesday and no truck stopped by and there was no note on my doors telling me that they tried to deliver my package. The package finally arrive on Thursday, but, the thing that bothered me the most was that UPS sent me an update after each day saying "Hi Bevin, Sorry we missed you." when, in fact, they failed to load my package on their truck which caused the first failed attempt and the driver never stopped at my house or if he claimed he did, he never left a note saying that he had stopped by. BTW, on the day when the computer was finally delivered, I talked to the driver and found out that he had discovered that UPS had loaded my computer on the wrong truck that morning. He was surprised that no one had delivered it on Wednesday because he had to drive a different route to replace another driver who was out sick. He told me that if a driver stops by a house and no one is home that they are required to leave a note with the time and date that they stopped by (which wasn't done on the Wednesday attempt). I know that UPS only used the "Sorry we missed you" excuse so they can't be held liable for their own mistake. I would have felt better about it if they had just admitted to their error and refunded me some of the shipping charges because they failed to deliver on the 2nd Day Air delivery that I had paid for. As I stated earlier, the only bad experience I had was with UPS and has nothing to do with your company. I also had to take off two additional days from work because of UPS's error in loading the computer on the wrong truck which went to an area far from my home.

2/12/2016 3:52:21 AM
Customer Rating

This is the second or third pc i have bought from cyber power. I'm very happy with the product.

2/12/2016 12:08:41 AM
Customer Rating

The website is easy enough to navigate, but the product took forever to get here.

2/11/2016 10:18:02 PM
Customer Rating

Took a really long time just to assemble the computer

2/11/2016 10:06:08 AM
Customer Rating

Overall, Cyberpower is awesome. A few areas that were slightly glitchy and could use improvement... the delivery option for signature required made it very difficult for me to be available as I do not work from home and could not take the entire daytime off from work to receive package. The inquiry made to support for being able to sign online or adjust the delivery option was slow, his response was almost the next day.

2/11/2016 8:55:43 AM
Customer Rating

My computer's construction did not begin until the day it was suppose to ship. It did not ship out until 14 business days until after I had placed my order. I had to upgrade my shipping to second day air to ensure that I received it before the weekend because I work out of town and would not have been able to sign for it. Overall the computer is well worth the wait! The deals that I got are absolutely amazing and I truly have a beast that I can unleash the power with. My only other gripe is that I was sent a GTX 950 package, which caused me a moments panic because I had ordered a GTX 980. After inspecting the card I found that it was indeed a 980 and that the box they sent me simply had the same driver disk because they were both MSI Afterburner cards. It would have been nice to have the true box and not almost have a heart attack but all is good.

2/11/2016 7:43:13 AM
Customer Rating

Amazing deal and service, overall no problems whatsoever.

2/11/2016 6:46:24 AM
Customer Rating

no problems

2/11/2016 6:36:07 AM
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