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My experience was very pleasant overall. I tried to previously get a different configured computer and I had some questions that I emailed CyberPowerPC about. I never got an answer from them, however that thus caused me to wait a bit longer and ended up getting a pretty sweet deal with the xmas in july sale they had going on. I decided I would then purchase the computer, I ended up actually saving money than if I built it myself because of the discounts they had so I was very pleased about that. I emailed them regarding questions about my computer and received very prompt responses, It was then shipped according to date. I finally got my PC and although the UPS guy carried it on the wrong side it was still packaged very nicely so it arrived with no damage and nothing was DOA. It turned on and everything is working as promised, after updating drivers and hooking it up to my monitor I was gaming away and was blown away on how quiet and powerful my computer was. Everything was cable managed really nicely, nothing was loose, everything worked, im on day 3 now of my computer and zero issues have happened. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical with ordering through them because of so many reviews saying stay away, dont buy from them etc etc. Most of them were because of problems on cheap pc components, as long as you select quality parts everything should be fine. I cant say enough about how pleasant my experience was with cyberpower regardless of my intial email getting ignored. I would definitely buy from them again!

8/1/2015 1:52:34 PM
Customer Rating

The computer needs to come with some basic directions applicable to the configuration ordered. The VGA monitor cable provided did not work when attached to the VGA port. An HDMI cable that we happened to have did not work. It took a call to tech support to find out that the VGA port was not active, and that only certain HDMI ports were active. All that would have been avoided with some very simple documentation. (Only later did we note that the DVI-VGA adapter provided would probably have allowed us to use the VGA cable that came with the monitor, and tech support did not seem to realize this either.) Also, there appear to be other unused "features" (such as liquid cooling hardware, a front panel fan control"...) that may add cost without providing value. Some options, such as an improved wiring layout, seem like they should be standard.

8/1/2015 6:38:40 AM
Customer Rating

Great machine!

8/1/2015 5:13:54 AM
Customer Rating

Great product and good pricing when there is a sale.

8/1/2015 12:06:11 AM
Customer Rating

Best computer I ever had to date and very affordable.

7/31/2015 5:46:29 PM
Customer Rating

Everthing came in perfect condition worked right out of the box. Was shipped a week early and was on my doorstep in 5 days

7/31/2015 3:58:04 PM
Customer Rating

great computer....was actually difficult to buy....overall would recommend

7/31/2015 9:52:17 AM
Customer Rating

I called customer service, received NO call back. Every PC should come with a diagram explaining each port as if the buyer has never owned a computer before. Also it should be clearly explained that the monitor port is inactive, that people need a DVI cable hooked into the Graphics card port. Another thing that needs included is a "First 10 Things To Do" list clearly showing how to update Windows Defender and all their hardware.

7/31/2015 6:13:52 AM
Customer Rating

Top Quality build however i dont think anyone should have to pay for extra care on shipping. Your shipping me a high dollar item it should be protected.

7/31/2015 5:51:42 AM
Customer Rating

The PC itself is amazing and I love it. The keyboard is great aside from a couple keys that don't work properly.

7/30/2015 10:51:52 PM
Customer Rating

I'm very impressed with my order. Packing through quality of the producy. More power to cyperpowerpc.

7/30/2015 2:39:09 PM
Customer Rating

i'll recomment to my friend

7/30/2015 8:12:36 AM
Customer Rating

I wish there was a build-it-yourself from scratch option. Comparison shopping between models was a little tough because upgrade options were pretty limited. I had to search multiple notebooks to find the GPU I wanted and pretty much build from there.

7/29/2015 11:50:18 PM
Customer Rating

Second system purchased - both high quality systems with good value and service

7/29/2015 11:22:09 AM
Customer Rating

The computer is at top condition with no damages during shipping. Cyber power is great!

7/29/2015 10:39:39 AM
Customer Rating

This purchase was for my 14 year old son. I left him in charge of the whole thing.....all I did was write the check. He talked to tech support on several occasions and asked many questions of them. They helped him put together a great system. Bobby Wang even called to ask his own questions. I was very pleased with the whole experience and have even reccomeded Cyber Power to other people. GREAT JOB!!! Thank you so much!!!

7/29/2015 8:39:25 AM
Customer Rating

I had the easy, straight-forward experience that I have come to expect from CyberpowerPC, and the prices was great.

7/27/2015 4:18:08 PM
Customer Rating

Website purchase and sales were great. My order was delayed due to back-ordered parts I chose. I was contacted promptly about the delay and given a discount and options on my order. My order was completed and delivered in the time-frame that was presented to me. Upon inspection of my order I noticed that one fan was missing a blade (not found in the case implying that it was missing prior to shipping) and another fan was not connected. My CPU cooler was not firmly attached but I accredited that to shipping and the quality of CPU cooler I purchased. I also noticed a somewhat poor job of organizing the excess cables behind my motherboard. I tightened the CPU Cooler, organized the cables better, removed the damaged fan and attached the power to the unconnected fan. I then contacted Tech Support who within a business day RMA'd me a new fan for replacement. I'm currently waiting for said fan to arrive. All components were accounted for, HD position and OS was installed per request and done correctly. System is running well and after a few more upgrades will be replacing my current rig permanently.

7/27/2015 10:12:20 AM
Customer Rating

Overall, I am happy with my purchase, however, I would like to note that I did have a couple issues with my purchase. 1) I had left special instructions in the "comment" section of my purchase (in regards to the wiring) and not all my instructions were followed. I would have appreciated a follow up call or e-mail saying why my request could not be completed rather than me being surprised to find only 90% of my request was fulfilled. It is very unlikely I would spend the $20 next time for the professional wiring as I really wasn't all that impressed this time around. 2) The top fan on my case does not work.

7/27/2015 7:13:16 AM
Customer Rating

You don't take debit cards

7/25/2015 6:30:55 PM
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