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9/29/2016 11:37:40 PM
Customer Rating

Excellent from start to finish. Had the system for a few days now and very impressed so far.

9/29/2016 8:59:15 PM
Customer Rating

very easy, wide range to choose from. was a little annoyed that the price of my computer was lower in beginning because windows was not included and i had to add that in, thank god i noticed that

9/29/2016 5:07:43 PM
Customer Rating

It would be helpful if you would provide another shipping option, or at least allow the UPS to change from delivery to a pick up at local facility. I bought 2 products from you and both times I had to wait on the UPS truck at the local facility. I work 8 to 5, the normal UPS delivery hours. Thank you!

9/29/2016 3:14:28 PM
Customer Rating

overall very satisfied with this purchase, the shipping and build time could of been slightly quicker but overall it was worth the wait, i saved a ton of money buying from this site and everything came as expected.

9/29/2016 1:37:08 PM
Customer Rating

PC arrived earlier than expected and in great working order. The price was fair and the build-quality clearly very high. Having a blast with my new gaming PC. I couldn't be happier. I will very likely be returning to do more business in the future and recommending CyberPowerPC to friends. Thanks!

9/28/2016 8:55:25 PM
Customer Rating

Great deal on a powerful pc, powered up with no issues right out of the box.

9/28/2016 6:04:28 PM
Customer Rating

In my order, I specified a case that comes with 2 fans, there was a single fan as standard, and then I added a 3-fan pack. BY my count, that's six fans. The system I received had 3 fans. I called technical support, and they determined that I was missing one fan. Or at least that's my guess, because I received a fan today. No screws, mind you, just a fan. It seems to me that if a case manufacturer includes 2 fans, and I specify that case, then I probably know that the case comes with 2 fans, and I want those 2 fans. For you to decide not to include the fans from the case manufacturer seems deceptive at best. Finally, every single fan in the system is a 3-pin fan, and each fan uses a separate fan connector on the motherboard (all of them are 4-pin fan connectors, by the way). If I had known I was ordering 3-pin fans, I wouldn't have, but your ordering screen offers me no information about that. In general, I'm a little disappointed that so many corners seems to have been cut. Not sure I'd order from you again.

9/28/2016 5:38:56 PM
Customer Rating

A Friend of mine made his purchase over 2 years ago and I was impressed as was he of the high quality and super service he received. 2 years later I was looking to replace my system I didn't even think twice. Your website is so easy to navigate and use to compare different component upgrades that it may verge upon being difficult due the endless configurations and possibilities you have at your fingertips.

9/28/2016 5:18:27 PM
Customer Rating

I wish the website showed the towers a little better.

9/28/2016 12:55:55 PM
Customer Rating

I give this purchase a 10 out of 10 best computer I could have ordered for the price thanks cyber power.

9/28/2016 9:32:28 AM
Customer Rating

The customer service was not good. I was not notified when items were back-ordered, which delayed my shipment. If I did not call and ask, I would have never know of the several delays. I also left messages for our rep and he says he never received them. My order was on hold for over a week because of this. The product seems to be ok, but the customer service is lacking!

9/28/2016 8:33:04 AM
Customer Rating

Everything was fine. The only issue I had was my monitor came with a VGA cable when the computer didn't have a VGA port so I had to go out and buy one.

9/28/2016 7:22:11 AM
Customer Rating

You guys had crazy deals going on when I purchased my dream computer. Thank you all so much for providing me with a luxury that I wanted at a price that I found very acceptable.

9/28/2016 1:32:56 AM
Customer Rating

By far the best experience I've had purchasing a PC. The website was informative and to the point with customization. Support was also helpful in the process. Excellent quality and best purchase I've made.

9/27/2016 11:55:42 PM
Customer Rating

Website can be a little tricky to navigate through for a first-timer, but I had my friend help me out!

9/27/2016 11:46:12 PM
Customer Rating

Everything was pretty great other than the time it took to assemble the pc.

9/27/2016 11:41:22 PM
Customer Rating

I had a huge issue with Cyber Power PC verifying my billing/shipping address with my credit card company. I had to update my information with my credit card company multiple times (which was not nessecary, according to Capital One). When i updated my information and sent valid screen shots of my address, Cyber Power still did not respond well. I had to follow up and call repeatedly with Steve in the Sales department just to get an answer. I was told that Cyber Power had to verify the address on file with the credit card company before authorizing the transaction and I could not help initiate the communication between Capital One and CPPC (Which was not true). I finally had enough and got fed up with waiting for a response, I called my credit card company and asked them if they would call Cyber Power through a 3-way conversation to get the address verification authenticated, so my order could finally be processed. My credit card company was successful communicating with Steve on the phone conversation, he agreed to process the order. This took almost a week... 1) Can't ship to a post office/PO BOX? 2) This should have never taken multiple days to solve.

9/27/2016 5:00:45 PM
Customer Rating

To be honest, I was reluctant. A few years back I purchased another system. To say it had issues would be an understatement. Shipped back to Cyberpower, it still didn't work upon return. I had to go to a local Data Doctors to get the computer to work properly. This time, however, the computer worked flawlessly right out of the box. I couldn't be happier.

9/27/2016 1:56:18 PM
Customer Rating

Realizing the day after ordering, that quite a few reviewers and users recommended upgrading the default cpu cooler to the zalman cooler offered, I attempted to upgrade to the zalman thru email but the response was, which was prompt, indicated that it would not be possible to do. I felt this was an inflexibility on your part and indicative of a system that was pre-built and it was simpler to ignore my request than go to the trouble to upgrade my system. I shall use the system as is until I feel more comfortable removing the graphic card and replacing the cooler. I appreciate your allowing me to vent. Let me add; The system works as advertised and I am very pleased with this unit

9/27/2016 12:45:48 PM
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