Zeus HTPC - Overview


Zeus HTPC case

The perfect PC for your home theater is finally here - introducing the CYBERPOWERPC Zeus HTPC. The Zeus HTPC series is an entertainment media hub unlike others in the market, combining the essence of a sleek and stylish home theater system with the power and performance of a gaming PC. The Zeus HTPC is the quintessential multi-purpose system that easily functions as a DVR, video game console, home theater computer, and DVD player.

Multimedia Monster

The Zeus HTPC provides easy access to all of your favorite multimedia - from PC gaming and movie streaming to simple web surfing. The Zeus HTPC features a full-power 4th Gen. Intel® Core™ processor or AMD APU with discrete graphics from AMD Radeon HD 7750. Jump into the latest PC gaming titles at full HD and beautifully rendered graphics in full detail.

Absolute Silence

The Zeus HTPC delivers blissful serene silent operations even at maximum system load. CYBERPOWERPC carefully designed the Zeus HTPC series with the utmost attention to detail on acoustic. A passively cooled chassis and optional silence edition video card gives you screaming performance without a peep of noise. The only thing you'll hear is the crisp sound of your game, movie, or TV program.

Thin and Fins

The Zeus HTPC is enclosed by a thin micro-ATX aluminum chassis that fits perfectly on your home theater stack or on your desktop. The chassis utilizes a passively cooled heatsink technology in conjunction with the razor fins for maximum heat dissipation.

The Perfect Media Solution

The Zeus HTPC is your DVR, gaming machine, and multimedia center all in one convenient stylish aluminum chassis.

Loaded Features

Despite its relatively compact and thin stature, the Zeus HTPC packs a full list of features. Compatible with Windows Media Center, the Zeus HTPC's included IR receiver makes it easy and convenient to connect to your favorite remote source.

Live TV Recording

With the optional InfiniTV Cable Tuner card, the versatile Zeus HTPC can record protected live shows in High Definition clarity for endless playback. You'll never have to miss another TV show with the Zeus HTP's ability to record up to four channels simultaneously. Watch what you want, when you want.

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