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The First 2-in-1 Gaming & Streaming PC.The easiest way to start streaming.

The video game streaming revolution is already here but are you ready to be a part of it? The first step towards becoming the next streaming superstar is having the right hardware and the perfect solution to get you started is the Pro Streamer Series of Gaming/Streaming PCs, designed for both high performance gaming and streaming.

What top streamers did

It is quite difficult to achieve both the highest quality gaming graphics and the highest quality streaming settings on the same system. Some games are very CPU-intensive and tough on the processor, especially when gaming on the highest settings. To make matters worse, streaming is an extremely CPU-intensive process. Combining these two together often causes major lag in both the gaming experience as well as the stream quality.

That's why nearly all of the top gaming streamers on Twitch and YouTube use a two computer setup, one dedicated to gaming and the other to streaming. This is often costly and out of reach to most streamers, however, with the Pro Streamer Series of Gaming/Streaming PCs, you'll get the power of two independent systems in a single chassis at the best value without sacrificing performance.

Keeping the stream live

Additionally, most professional gaming streamer knows that keeping the stream live without interruption is vital to being a successful streamer. Any downtime could cost both viewers and precious air time. A two system build separates the processing of gaming and streaming so that one does not affect the other assuring that if a game crashes for any reason, the stream will still remain live and unaffected allowing you to keep your viewers connected and informed.

How we did it

So how are we able to achieve this? The Pro Streamer Series utilizes a unique PC chassis that allows you to mount two motherboards into a single case: a larger gaming motherboard with room for up to two dual slot GPUs and a smaller gaming motherboard just for stream processing.

The real savings comes from the fact that you are only paying for one PC chassis and our unique power splitter design that allows you to use one PSU for two systems simultaneously. You can even opt for an additional backup PSU for that added security when keeping the stream up is absolutely necessary. Not to mention, it saves you tons of space and keeps your gaming area clutter free.

Streaming Gaming Features

The Pro Streamer Series of PCs comes pre-installed and configured with OBS and XSPLIT so you can start streaming immediately. Setting up your streaming software for the first time can be a complicated task but we've done the hard work for you already. We've pre-installed your streaming software to match your hardware so you'll get a great quality stream right out of the box. (varies depending on available internet speed and connectivity). Our streaming configurations are available with 3 performance options including the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i3 processor for a base level good quality lag free stream, or up to a 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor for the highest quality stream. Our streaming systems include 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD, H110 Mini-ITX mainboard and an Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card.

The Pro Streamer Series of PCs is equipped with the newest gaming hardware to ensure you have a high quality, high resolution gaming experience with no lag or frame drops. Additionally, with the unique two system setup, you won't experience the typical lag and resource bottleneck common when gaming and streaming on the same computer. With the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processors and Intel® Core™ i7 processors and chipset with blazing fast dual channel or quad channel memory, PCIe 3.0 motherboards, this gaming system is sure to deliver ultra-high quality graphics performance and incredible FPS that your fans will certainly appreciate.

  • 2-in-1 design, two independent system in one chassis
  • Stream ready and preconfigured with OBS and XSPLIT
  • Lag-free simultaneous gaming and streaming
  • Fast and easy, start streaming immediately
  • Optimized hardware for high performance gaming
  • Optimized hardware for high quality streaming
  • Patented power splitter technology
  • Patented space saving form factor
  • Optional backup power supply expandability


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