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new to pc, wondering about drivers

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Topic: new to pc, wondering about drivers
Posted By: atticus
Subject: new to pc, wondering about drivers
Date Posted: 02 Jul 2019 at 6:28pm
Just got my PC, and I have an ASRock driver DVD, but can't seem to find the disc drive to put it in. Do I need to use this dvd to play games, or am I fine

Posted By: GAN1957
Date Posted: 03 Jul 2019 at 4:25am
You system I assume does not have an internal optical drive. A lot of systems are moving away from them. The problem is system restore disks and in your case the MOBO driver disk provided are still CD type. So to get these drivers in your system you will need to get an external optical drive and connect it to a USB port.

If you have another system with an optical burner, you can use it to create a bootable flash drive, then use that to connect to your system and install the MOBO drivers.

The last CP system we purchased on start up used Windows basic drivers to get up and running. To complete the task we had to install the "factory" drivers with the disk. Many of these may not be provided with Windows Generic drivers.

You may be able to go to the MOBO manufactures website and find these to download. You have to know your MOBO model and version to do so. Some may have an auto-detect to assist.

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