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Great Customer Service after Receiving Broken PC

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Printed Date: 02 Jun 2020 at 2:06pm

Topic: Great Customer Service after Receiving Broken PC
Posted By: barnardian14
Subject: Great Customer Service after Receiving Broken PC
Date Posted: 21 May 2019 at 12:59am
Title is not sarcastic; this is my experience receiving a broken PC, and so far it's been much better than expected. Just want to see if anyone had a similar experience, and if nobody has shared a related incident here, hopefully someone finds this when searching/going through a similar problem or is reluctant to buy incase you get a broken PC. In this case, it was due to shipping busting it internally. Customer service was amazing and really really was a relief, since I was expecting run of the mill horrible service like big online stores usually have. Skip to the last  two paragraphs if you don't want to know the circumstances of what was wrong with the PC and just want see what the actual customer service was and how they handled it. I'm not out of the woods yet, and am waiting for the PC to return to them so they fan figure it out, so I'll update as necessary. 

Got my PC in the mail a few days ago, earlier than expected. Packaging didn't raise any red flags, a few minor dents and scratches all over but nothing that caused alarm. Took it out, hooked it up to a new monitor and a power surge protecting strip, and powered it up. As it was starting, I heard a noise coming from a fan (that I later pinpointed to be the graphics card fan-or at least it sure sounded and felt like it) that sounded like sticking a pencil into a fan. The noise was quick, varying between 3-6 seconds long, but super loud and jarring, like a noise that immediately made me think "Oh no". On the first startup, it displayed "CyberPower diagnosing your PC" very pixelated. This probably was from the monitor not having it's drivers drivers installed, since I couldn't make it to windows to do so. All internal lights worked, the GPU fans worked, I could feel the water cooling moving in the tubes (it felt like it anyways), it all looked fine. I made it into the BIOS on one troubleshooting preset, and it detected the RAM, hard drive, ect. but I couldn't find the GPU status anywhere, just the temperature of it. (I know nothing about BIOS' so perhaps I didn't look in the menus hard enough and it was hard to read due to screen pixelation), it sent me to windows troubleshooting as the PC wouldn't launch into Windows. I tried every trick there, still nothing. I restarted the PC one last time after letting it sit powered off, it made the grinding noise as it did every time, but nothing displayed on the monitor and it stopped giving power to the keyboard and mouse. Tried draining the power (shut down, unplug and hold power button for 10 secs or so) and restarting the PC every way possible. Nothing.

I called CyberPowers service line thing. Maybe this is because I called first thing in the morning, but my wait time was like 2 minutes max. The phone worker was very well  spoken and helpful, I wish I got his name. I explained in order what was happening; when I described the grinding noise, he asked if I had hardware experience. Which means he was willing to help me resolve the issue mechanically over the phone and walk me through that process, which is awesome. However, once I got to explaining the issue with booting resulting in the computer not displaying anything or giving the keyboard and mouse power, he said it must be a culmination of issues. He assured me that he could see that they tested the computer before sending it, so the issues with the noise and not giving power must have happened in shipping/handling. I expected to have to pay for shipping, as I didn't buy the extra warranty for repairs, but he told me the shipping (standard ground) would be free since the CPU was new and never worked from the jump. Which is, again, amazing. It's a bummer, but this nightmare of a scenario has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I sent it out to them a few days ago, so in a couple days they should get it. From here, yeah, something could go wrong and this whole experience could turn south, but given how great they've been thus far, I'm not too stressed about it.

Incase anyone in the future is reading this thing through the same thing, or is debating on buying from CyberPower, hopefully this sets your mind at ease. I will update what happens from here.

Posted By: GAN1957
Date Posted: 21 May 2019 at 4:52am
What are your full build specs? Since this is your second post I'm curious if you had read the do's & don'ts before you ordered.

You may have gotten lucky with the RMA. We have two other customers who posted they were charged to ship the system back (new) since they did not purchase the extended warranty. 

Until recently CP had always provided a free 30 day RMA in case customers had issues. Just recently they changed and we have customers posting in a case like yours CP refused to provide return shipping for  brand new out of the box system, since the customer did not purchase the premium warranty.

Myself and another long term member looked at the warranty and yes they had recently changed it (in red) to list no shipping would be provided unless one purchased the premium warranty, real bad move, one of the worst we can remember.

I seriously hope CP decided to drop this change, it shows a complete lack of customer care.

Keep us posted.

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Posted By: barnardian14
Date Posted: 21 May 2019 at 9:39am
Didn't expect a reply that quickly; but this is my first post here, I just verified my forum account right before making the post, it says I have 1 post on my end. But I googled around before purchasing and found a few threads here about not getting the default power supply and whatnot. The only thing that even I know I messed up on was the water cooling; I got a 120mm instead of a 240mm despite my processor being a 6 core. I bought case fans for mad cheap at a PC shop near me, kinda wish I just paid a little more to have them come installed. Other than that, I'm sure I glossed over something while making it, I'll post the specs below.

And as far as the shipping thing goes, yeah, I read horror stories on both here and Reddit that, once I got the broken PC, made me extremely concerned. I could not find anyone posting about going through this with a happy ending/good service,  probably because people are generally more motivated to complain than to praise, so I made a point to put my story up here so if someone is googling around after getting a broken PC they can calm down a bit; I assumed they changed up the customer service between the horror story posts (one guy received a PC with the wrong parts  and said it took forever for the service guy to finally resolve the issue after numerous attempts at contacting them, I'll try and find it) and my own post.

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Posted By: ddugay
Date Posted: 08 Jun 2019 at 1:20pm
> You may have gotten lucky with the RMA. We have two other customers who posted they were charged to ship the system back (new) since they did not purchase the extended warranty.  

What?  Are you serious?  I have a 6-month old PC that won't POST. 

The tech was quick to offer to RMA the entire computer.  But when I asked if I could ship back just the defective component (to save shipping), it turned into a long, drawn out experience. 

I just hit 7 days of back and forth troubleshooting via email with one of their techs for what appears to be a defective motherboard and I still have not receive an RMA authorization. 

It takes nearly 2 days to get a reply to my emails and either 1) the tech doesn't believe that I have done enough testing.  2) the tech hasn't given me enough instructions to confirm that the motherboard is bad. 

I assumed that I would have to pay for return shipping and I assumed that the parts/labor/return shipping would be covered by cyberpower.  The speed at which they move is frustrating and if I need to pay for return shipping...that's just adding insult to injury. 

I'm started looking into sending the mobo directly back to MSI.  They spell out the whole RMA process and I'm looking at 1 week to process the RMA once they receive it 2-4 weeks to work on it, then up to 1 more week to send it out.  Then there's the few days of transit on each end. 

Posted By: GAN1957
Date Posted: 10 Jun 2019 at 5:28am
You've got a pretty solid build. Not getting anything to happen fits with the GPU failing.  

Had you posted and asked first. We could have let you know your system has integrated graphics and your cpu does also. You could have simply removed the GPU, fired it up with the monitor connected to the MOBO. Then if everything worked, bang a bad GPU. Then you could have just asked for an RMA for the GPU.

his is why we hope customers will check with the membership "before" they pull the trigger to let us see what they are looking at to help them avoid repeating mistakes. Sometime we can save them cash also. I hope they get things resolved for you.

@ddugay, that doesn't surprise me when you talking about an RMA for the MOBO, they are going to want to exhaust possibilities. I'm surprised they even considered it.

For me, we have 6 CP systems over about 8 years now (one a laptop. won't get a CP laptop again. They just rebrand a China offshoot). We had issues with to of them, one with a damaged case we sent back. The other had 2 issues, both resolved with a component RMA and OS issue.

Remember valor, honor, independence, family & clan; I do whenever I hear the ceol mor, the "great music" of the Highland bagpipe. I swear upon the holy iron of my dirk that I will not forget.

Posted By: ddugay
Date Posted: 12 Jun 2019 at 12:46pm
> that doesn't surprise me when you talking about an RMA for the MOBO, they are going to want to exhaust possibilities. I'm surprised they even considered it. 

the surprising thing to me is that during my phone call to tech support, the tech barely did anything before verbally authorizing an RMA. 

I told him I rebooted before calling, but he didn't ask me to reboot while we were on the phone. 
just before the call ended, he asked me to switch from 2 sticks of RAM to 1 stick, then the other single stick. 

then I spent nearly 1 week trading emails with the tech asking me to test things before sending the mobo back.  RMA was approved 36hours ago, but the tech hasn't sent me my RMA# or mailing instructions yet. 

considering sending the mobo back to MSI directly.  at least MSI describes the entire RMA process in detail with estimated processing times...even if it may take 2x as long as what CP says their turnaround time is. 

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