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Configure CyberpowerPC keyboard and mouse?

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Printed Date: 18 Sep 2020 at 1:52am

Topic: Configure CyberpowerPC keyboard and mouse?
Posted By: hanzgruber
Subject: Configure CyberpowerPC keyboard and mouse?
Date Posted: 03 Nov 2018 at 11:00am
How do I configure the cyberpowerpc keyboard and mouse?

I want to customize what the buttons do. Here's what I have...
  • KEYBOARD: CyberPowerPC RGB 7 Color Premium Gaming Keyboard
  • MOUSE: CyberpowerPC Standard 4000 DPI with Weight System Optical Gaming Mouse

Posted By: Peregrine
Date Posted: 05 Nov 2018 at 1:44pm
Keyboard: not sure you can.

Posted By: AlanTreiber
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2019 at 11:24am
Download the Elite Pro program/driver  and see if that helps.  In the install folder run option.exe , if the mouse isn't recognized do a refresh in the main menu screen." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: jamestheshopper123
Date Posted: 15 Jul 2020 at 7:32am
have you fools ever heard of autohotkey??? with it, all things can be made possible.  Its your best bet.

i will maybe take a few minutes to figure out how to make it do what you seek.Beer


so for autohotkey, download the program with the link above.
open notepad 

type the following and then save it as whatever name youn want with the extension .ahk.  then run the script.  then this specific one will change the button that would normally go to the next song in media player, instead it will open the calculator.  so from this you can figure out the rest of what you want hopefully.

run calc.exe

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