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Error on Radeon software upgrade

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Topic: Error on Radeon software upgrade
Posted By: chyvalri
Subject: Error on Radeon software upgrade
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2018 at 3:58pm
Windows 10 advised me that there was an update available for my video card today. Excited, I clicked to install it and it loaded the AMD Radeon Settings application.

I currently have version 16.40.2311-160916a-307259E. Okay, that means a lot (sarcasm font) to me. But for the low low price of $0.00, I can update to 17.10.1711-170409a (WHQL); extra letters! Bonus!

When I click on the new version and select "Update now", am I sure I want to exit Radeon Settings and launch installer... SURE!

I get the following error:

(X) Bin64/InstallManagerAPP.exe
(X) Windows cannot find 'Bin64\InstallManagerAPP.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.

Despite the jovial misunderstanding noob tone of my post, I'm not a total computard.

I'm running Windows 10 (as mentioned) with an AMD FX-4300 Quadcore 3.8 Ghz with 8 gigs of RAM. The video card is a Radeon R7 250 series with no device manager conflicts.

This sounds more like a Windows 10/application issue to me than a video card problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Please don't make me reinstall Windows again!


Posted By: GAN1957
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2018 at 4:50am
There are a couple of ways to deal with this. This may be caused by either corrupt files or issue with trying to install one set of drivers over another.

Checkout these links.

http://" rel="nofollow - http://" rel="nofollow -

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Posted By: chyvalri
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2018 at 1:35pm
Thanks Gan! That worked for that problem but created a new one.

Every reboot, I get the following error now:" rel="nofollow -

Really loving Windows 10 lol.

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