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ADVANCE TSG- Test RM - Physical Memory

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Topic: ADVANCE TSG- Test RM - Physical Memory
Posted By: CyberHD
Subject: ADVANCE TSG- Test RM - Physical Memory
Date Posted: 11 Oct 2010 at 10:18am

Disclaimer: All guides provided are generalized information for personal troubleshooting. None of which are certified by the respective part manufacturers. Any improper installation/removal, mishandling, or negligence on your part, will be counted as physical damage and therefore void your warranty. If you have at anytime concerns or wariness please contact our technician support.

All pictures provided may differ to your own system configurations and components.

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Physical Memory Test

Determine first whether you have a triple channel or Dual channel setup

The memory would normally be located to the right hand side of the motherboard. (Indicated in the diagrams)


To REMOVE a RAM stick: (picture A)

Press the side clips down. The RAM will be unlocked and can be pulled directly out.

To INSTALL a RAM Stick: (picture B)

Align the notch on the RAM stick to the slot. They will only go in 1 way. Once in place the clip needs to be closed down to hold the RAM in place.



1. Check if the system will run stable with a single RAM stick or not.

2. Simply remove all the RAM sticks; test 1 RAM in a single slot at a time and then repeat with other sticks in same slot.

3. If no errors are present it may point to a motherboard slot issue. You can try testing the slots by switching a RAM stick in the slots.

***Note: Some motherboard will not start unless certain slots are used. Review over your motherboard user manual for the details. ***

Regards, CyberHD
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