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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the "Technical Issue" Questions

+ What is COA?

The Certificate of Authenticity is not a license to use the Microsoft software. The COA is a security device that accompanies legally licensed Microsoft software.

The COA assists you to determine whether the Microsoft software and components, such as media and manuals, are genuine. If your Microsoft operating system software (such as Windows XP Professional, XP Home Edition or Windows Vista) was supplied to you preinstalled on a new computer system by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), look for the Certificate of Authenticity on the exterior of the chassis. Your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is required to affix the Certificate of Authenticity in this manner. For other Microsoft software, your COA is included with the software components and you should keep them in a safe place.

The COA contains anti-counterfeiting devices, such as the holographic strip, to help prevent the production of counterfeit Microsoft software.

Mostly, it should be on the right side panel of your computer tower or in the software box.

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+ What is Cross-Shipment?

CyberPower will ship replacement product before receipt of returned product, subject to the warranty above provisions.

Cross-shipment is guaranteed by credit card or other acceptable credit arrangement. In another word, in order for a part to be cross-ship to the customer, a hold needs to be place on the credit card until the defective product is returned.

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+ What is the difference between an OEM and a Retail item?

The retail and OEM versions usually will have the same exact product,however the retail version usually will come with bundled software, retail packaging, and more bells and whistles so to speak.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), White Box, Brown Box versions will come with the actual product and usually the drivers, no special packaging or software.

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TOP 10 Articles

+ How long does it take to process an order?

Order processes immediately after you submit your order. Usually it takes about five to ten business days to have your order ready prior to shipment.

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+ Driver and Manual Download

For Driver and Manual download, click here.

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+ Does Cyberpower accept phone, email or fax orders?

Yes we do. For easier computer customization, we recommend customers to order through our website.

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+ Does CyberPower produce and send paper catalog?

We only have online catalog.

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+ When I check my order status, why didn't my order go through Quality Control?

Every order must go thru every department (including Quality Control). However, if you do not see the date shown on the status page, please call sales department at (800)707-0393.

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+ Can I update my order after it has been submitted?

Once the order submitted, the only way to update it is by calling Cyberpower, Inc. customer service at (800)-707-0393

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+ What type of payment methods does CyberPower accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cashier's check, Money Order, and PayPal Credit. For futher concerns, please contact our sales department at (800)-707-0393

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+ Shipping and Production Information

Please click here

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+ What happen if an item is backordered?

If the order is placed and we find out an backordered item. Our sales representative will contact you for eta or alternatives.

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+ Why was my order being cancelled or voided?

All cancelled orders will be notified to customer prior cancellation. For any questions, please call sales department at 800-707-0393 for details.

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