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Don’t work rgb lights

7/15/2019 7:00:31 PM
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Extremely large cast and an unusual shape makes for a distinctive form factor, although it does make actually placing it anywhere is a bit more difficult. There are, as noted, some minor issues that may be down to QC or just due to the newness of the components. In terms of performance, it's an absolute beast and works very well, so any hand-wringing may just be a matter of early kinks getting worked out.

6/19/2019 8:32:10 AM
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The Syber Cube Elite 300 is a beast of a computer for a great price. Sure, I customized a few options, specifically the motherboard and upgrading the primary storage to a 2TB Intel 660P SERIES PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, and also had a free RAM upgrade due to one of Cyberpower's many sales that constantly go on. Even so, if I had bought all the components myself (or similar ones since the case is a Cyberpower exclusive) I would have paid about $600 more. And with Cyberpower assembling the PC, I didn't have to worry about making a mistake myself with the build and also got a warranty to go with it. There are only two minor complaints that I have, and both are aesthetic. The first was that the rear fan's RGB was out of sync with the other RGB lighting of the computer, though this issue was solved with the help of the excellent support of Marco G. who helped troubleshoot the issue and provided me with resources that allowed me to identify the problem and fix it (Thanks again Marco). The second issue is simply that the GPU does not look attractive inside the case as the exterior side with the fan is facing down while the component board is visible. Other than that, the case is beautiful. The RGB lighting is wonderful. I smile every time I enter the room and see this beautiful piece of technology. As for performance itself, the computer is amazing. I've only had it two weeks, but I don't regret the purchase one bit.

5/19/2019 11:45:51 PM
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5/6/2019 11:38:35 PM
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3/27/2019 5:14:18 AM
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It’s running great and it’s a huge leap from no PC to this super nice one but it’s definitely worthwhile.

3/13/2019 4:42:40 AM
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3/12/2019 12:01:04 AM
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Syber cube case looks awesome. A glass panel got broken during shipping but everything works great and they are shipping me a new panel. Price was fantastic for the components. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.

3/7/2019 3:38:10 AM
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2/22/2019 10:09:09 AM
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