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Customer Rating

The computer and the whole buying process is/were fantastic. My only gripe is the shipping. I am very thankful it is free, but they make it VERY hard to accept the package. I work a full time 8-5 job, and really could not take off from work just to be home for signing the package. I attempted to change my delivery to be picked up at a UPS store and it was not allowed no matter what I did, I could not deliver it somewhere else (work for example). I had zero options but to be home to sign for the package. It would be VERY helpful if they allowed you to pick up the package from the UPS location at your earliest convenience. I also had a problem with the packing foam. It did not expand properly, and a hole also formed in the packing foam, causing some foam to leak. This caused some foam to be stuck on the wires inside the PC. So far it has not caused issue, but this should not have happened.

11/14/2018 5:47:53 PM
Customer Rating

I absolutely love that i can see the dates of when my pc has gone to the warehouse, when it was assembled, etc. I had past experiences with other companies that i would place an order and then be clueless as to when my computer would be shipped. Other companies ive used took over a month to build and send the computer, Cyberpower blew them out of the water by only taking about two weeks which was awesome! Will definitely be using cyberpower for other purchases down the road!

11/14/2018 1:40:14 PM
Customer Rating

The unit arrived and the hard drive would not work. I found a disconnected cable and repaired she issue. I made the mistake of thinking I would add an optical drive after I received the computer. A real pain with Windows 10. I think a sales associate should review each order and make recommendations prior to the build. If they would have suggested installing the optical drive, I would have agreed. Sometimes customers miss items or don’t know they are missing something. It would be a nice touch.

11/14/2018 10:50:45 AM
Customer Rating

We love the product and the fact that customer service was so easy to contact. There was a small delay in delivery due to something being on back order, but other than that everything was very seamless and the product is great!

11/14/2018 9:35:56 AM
Customer Rating

I am very happy with my purchase!! Sales communication was excellent (Willis Leung), let me know where my PC was along the process.

11/14/2018 9:24:34 AM
Customer Rating

Very happy with the computer. However, I paid for 1 day shipping and the computer did not arrive for almost 4 days. I kept getting emails that said it could take up to 15 days to assemble the computer. A representative said I would not have to wait that long, but when I asked when it would arrive I never got a straight answer. I think it would be best to make it clear to customers exactly how long it will take for the computer to arrive at their door. Also your website is not very mobile friendly. When your computer bricks, you have to rely on mobile devices to shop for a new one.

11/14/2018 9:24:10 AM
Customer Rating

Sales Steve Du was extremely helpful in processing a change to my system purchased. When I had to cancel and put in a new order he made sure the shipping date did not extend.

11/14/2018 9:06:58 AM
Customer Rating

Shopping experience is awesome. I love the many choices to customize.

11/14/2018 8:53:19 AM
Customer Rating

Loved what I got, and honestly was to give everything an overrall 5, but after getting my computer I noticed that one of the parts that was replaced due to stock shortage, was NOT an equivalent replacement, and Tech support and Sales were not able to offer any solution besides finger pointing, and offering a game as compensation (Which was offered for free with the bundle anyway), since the issue itself would cost about $100 dollars to fix myself, it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth in what was otherwise a dream custom built PC. I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but besides that mistake I loved my experience with cyberpowerpc, I just will be more careful about replacements and making sure we are all on the same page.

11/14/2018 7:31:12 AM
Customer Rating

Very well done, excellent selection and quality. I've never needed tech support or customer service in the last 10 years.

11/14/2018 6:21:39 AM
Customer Rating

great service. answered my questions quickly.

11/14/2018 1:37:59 AM
Customer Rating

Freaking great, I was just goin to build my own but didnt have the time to. And I didn’t know the case was so big its a monster and I like it to be honest!!

11/13/2018 11:38:43 PM
Customer Rating

The options provided allowed me to build a cool+quiet beast of a PC with the latest Intel processor and Nvidia GPU. My only disappointment was my misunderstanding of selecting the NVidia RTX 2080 Ti. I mistakenly thought that meant I would get an Nvidia Founders Edition card but instead got what seemed like a random brand of RTX 2080 Ti (a brand I would not have selected). This is my 3rd CyberPowerPC and I love them all. They have been reliable and have unique/lovely cases.

11/13/2018 1:02:28 PM
Customer Rating

Its kindve annoying that the rgb on my case isntvset up

11/13/2018 9:07:47 AM
Customer Rating

Everything you do is excellent. I couldnt be more pleased about buying a computer from anywhere. And I have bought computers from several other PC makers in the past. Dont change your system! When I got your PC, I fully expected it to have all kinds of useless software junk on it like others that I would have to delete. Like trial mccafee or nortons and lots of other nonsense. I was quite surprised when I didnt have to delete anything. Thank you for that. This tell me that your makers are very smart and know exactly how to make a PC for their target consumer. The autofan is brilliant. Probably the only thing I could complain about is the sound and speakers. Sound quality isnt all that great. Otherwise Im very happy. Thanks alot for making a great product.

11/13/2018 5:55:24 AM
Customer Rating

Overall a very good experience w/ navigating the mail web site, choosing options, price and completing the purchase. The update emails from Bobby W. were very good in detailing status and how to track the order; they reinforced my opinion of a quality purchase and kept me from wondering about the order/build/shipping status.

11/13/2018 2:57:40 AM
Customer Rating

Second time ordering a pc from you guys, no complaints at all!

11/11/2018 3:40:57 PM
Customer Rating

Excellent selection in the website, excellent build, and and Tech service after purchase is excellent (with Marco). Last time I had a build was 10 yrs ago. There has been so much change since then. As I read more, I found my choices were not good. I tried to get feedback from the sales person. I wanted the best desktop I can have. I felt he was confrontational (may be he thought I wouldn't buy) and I didn't feel like he wanted to talk to me (wants to hung-up right away). He ignored my email unless it is related to confirming the buy or cancelling it. I gave excuse to myself that he may had bad experience with other customers or he may not be allowed to give feedback. I gave 4 star overall because of this. I wrote this assuming this is only for internal (CyberPower). Please don't post it in the web. I will give 5 star for outside review and will not mention my sales experience. I don't think this is fair. For sure, I will be back for my next build in 4 to 5 years. Thank you so much, Dawit

11/10/2018 7:28:37 PM
Customer Rating

In a sealed package for the collection of the chair is not enough one screw to attach the handrails to the seat. He's special, hard to find.

11/10/2018 11:30:13 AM
Customer Rating

I couldn't be happier.

11/9/2018 7:52:01 PM
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