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5/23/2019 9:39:44 AM
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2/20/2019 6:11:51 AM
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Great system

2/19/2019 3:58:17 AM
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2/19/2019 12:57:18 AM
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All around great company to purchase from. Thanks.

2/14/2019 1:19:47 PM
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The specs are barely changed from my Fangbook I purchased 2 years prior. The graphics card is EXACTLY the same, the processor is only minimally improved, the OS and RAM is the same (except the RAM is marginally higher mhz rating on the new one). The major thing I lost was a CD ROM drive on the new Tracer vs Fangbook which I would prefer to have (When I take the laptop traveling or camping or whatever where I don't have wifi it's convenient to watch movies/tv on dvd and now I can't). The moderate improvement over the Fangbook is the Tracer has 144hz gaming screen, I can see a modest improvement in visualization on my Star Wars TOR game but considering all the above I don't know that paying about $150 more for virtually identical systems is worth it. Oh one last thing, the Fangbook had a quiet, near soundless keyboard, where the keys did not touch. This was great. This new Tracer has a clicky-clacky keyboard where all the keys touch, this sucks. Not only is the sound annoying but it significantly increases the chance of inadvertently depressing two keys, this is a huge (-) negative. I'd rather have my CD and quiet keyboard back with virtually all other specs the same from 2 years ago and save a couple hundred bucks. I expect better if I end up having to buy another one in two more years.

2/9/2019 2:31:02 PM
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2/9/2019 12:13:21 AM
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So far, I cannot complain about the experience. The laptop I purchased is absolutely incredible!

2/7/2019 9:32:47 AM
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2/5/2019 2:51:20 PM
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not bad pc did not have any problems with mine everything works fine only took 3days with rush shipping to build and ship only con is poor speakers on it other then that runs great

2/1/2019 11:36:14 PM
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1/22/2019 9:09:13 AM
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1/15/2019 6:34:22 AM
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1/12/2019 11:54:50 AM
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Excellent built computer.

12/21/2018 4:51:36 AM
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No issues so far.

12/3/2018 4:16:23 PM
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11/18/2018 2:06:29 PM
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10/27/2018 1:47:25 PM
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Everything was exactly as I ordered and works great - except for some reason the audio driver for this laptop does not have the ability to disable SPEAKERS when a HEADPHONE is pulled into the jack. Meaning sound will ALWAYS play through both the SPEAKERS and HEADPHONE JACK (unless you switch to an external audio source, like HDMI or a USB audio controller).

10/5/2018 5:26:50 PM
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The appearance is nice, and the keyboard is comfortable to type. Keys make a clicking sound when you push them, which is somewhat fun for me even though I prefer a more quiet keyboard. Here is what happened to me on the first day with this laptop. TL;DR: The computer was not ready to use. I connected the PSU and turned on the computer, and I first noticed that a little bit of light was leaking from the bottom right of the display. It was not a big deal because I did not see it unless it was completely black. And honestly, I did not want to wait for another 2 weeks to have it replaced even if I could. After that, I found the mousepad was not working. I actually expected this to happen after reading the reviews of previous Tracer laptop owners, so it was okay. Because I did not have a wired mouse, I proceeded the initial Windows setup with the Tab and arrow keys. Halfway through, when I needed to type my username, I realized that the alphabet and numbers on the keyboard did not work. Hitting the power button did not fix it. I then tried a forced shutdown, which magically solved the problem. Finished the startup and tried to pair my Bluetooth mouse. However, the Bluetooth (and also wifi) setting was grayed out. I then read the manual again and found the "Radio" On/Off key (Fn + F4). The key surprisingly made the setting available. Now that the mouse was working, I searched online to activate the silent mousepad and landed on a forum article ( I downloaded and installed the driver as suggested, and phew, it became alive. I feel that the trouble I had may not be acceptable for many users. I also don't know everything about this computer yet. Hopefully, the tech support team can help us out when we struggle.

9/5/2018 10:28:32 PM
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  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite
  • GTA V
  • Battlefield V
  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  • Division 2
185 Based on 1080P
130 Based on 1440P
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