Customer Reviews and Ratings on CyberPowerPC products - Gaming Laptop Fangbook V Extreme VR SLI 1080K

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The machine is good but I wish you had provided a little more transparency. I didn't expect great battery life but it would have been good to know expected hours. I also was not aware that the power supply required two power bricks connected together and that there was no option to purchase a second set. Everyone I know with a laptop has an extra power supply for it - there was no indication anywhere that they weren't available for purchase.

3/3/2018 1:18:00 PM
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The laptop froze 3 times within the first hour of usage. I was trying to download Steam and it kept freezing. I had to do a hard shut down by holding the power button. After Steam was successfully downloaded, there were no more crashes.

1/19/2018 11:36:49 AM
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12/26/2017 9:50:38 AM
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Now that I've installed all the necessary updates (that the tech team building my laptop left out) it runs fine.

10/14/2017 9:37:17 AM
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9/29/2017 7:56:34 PM
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