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Customer Reviews and Ratings on CyberPowerPC products - Gaming PC IEM Champion

Customer Rating

Very satisfied with this gaming rig choice. I looked all the different rigs and I decided on this one. This is my first gaming rig in about 16yrs or so. And I wanted something that would fulfill my requests and needs in a gaming rig. And I liked the options that were put together for this rig. I know there’s a lot of options for every computer, but I tried not to make it complicated for myself and wanted something that wasn’t too complicated in nature with the products. I did my research as best that I could, and really liked this setup so I went with it. When I got it, I was really impressed by the packaging, as I was worried about the shipping like we all do I suppose. But when I opened it up, I was satisfied with how they packaged everything, with triple boxing it, and using the specialized foam cushion inside the rig itself to help keep the inside safe, just remember to take it out before booting up. I wouldn’t blame cyberpower if the packaging was damaged, I would take that blame to the shipping company itself, but I had no worries on my end about that. Anyways, I plugged this bad boy in and started it up. I liked how in the packaging they included the motherboard original box and cd for drivers and what not. It started up pretty fast with no problems. Downloaded some new drivers and what for the motherboard and played around with the lighting. I didn’t want to get crazy with the lighting so just the motherboard being lit was perfect for me. All around very satisfied with this gaming rig. Oh and from putting the order in to delivery took all together about 3 weeks. I know some of us want it done in a couple of days and shipped out yesterday in a sense, but I understand the process they go through and was patient with them. I haven’t played any crazy games yet to really put the FPS to the test. Just some of the popular multiplayer ones. And I haven’t had an issue with picture quality or slow play. Again very well pleased with this system and highly recommend this gaming pc. Hope it helps a few of you out there!

10/4/2017 4:44:57 PM
Customer Rating

12/12/2016 1:15:33 PM
Customer Rating

The box is beautiful, the components are beautiful, the fan cases while loud, aren't "mechanical" noisy... they just push a LOT of air through the case, this is totally deal-with-able though. The LEDs in the case aren't gaudy, the cosmetic plates covering the HDD spaces and PSU section do a lot to clean up the form of the case. The only issue is with the gullwing case side. The form and placement for the holding tabs are fine, the shaped locking tab however is unnecessary. It makes it more difficult than should be required to detach and reattach the case side than should be. This is especially true since the case side is locked to the rest of the case with the aforementioned holding tabs and 4 thumbscrews that do a perfect job of holding it on, especially since my case isn't running a marathon so only has to retain the side against the occasional jostling of my computer desk.

11/9/2016 6:39:09 AM
Customer Rating

8/27/2016 3:05:38 AM
Customer Rating

It's tough to find an equivalent system at this price point, even more so to find one from an established and trusted company such as CyberPowerPC. My old games all seem new again now that I can run them at max graphics settings, and the cooling system is barely audible even when running multiple processing-intensive programs. My only regret upon purchasing my customized Champion is that I didn't buy one sooner!

8/9/2016 3:07:26 AM
Customer Rating

6/2/2016 6:14:30 PM
Customer Rating

4/13/2016 6:40:22 AM
Customer Rating

4/1/2016 3:53:43 AM
Customer Rating

Case is much bigger than expected, not a concern.

3/29/2016 9:25:05 AM
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