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Great pc all though I customised it and only had to issues with on part seeing the program on ICUE the fans werent showing rpm so I checked the back, wires was a bit of a mess when I asked for professional wiring but good thing is no one can see the back, but beside that I saw the connectors from the fan not connected to the pump it was connected to the molex to the power supply causing the fans to sound so obnoxious, once I fixed that it recognized the rpm, as for the next issue with the pump I had to go to the bios for this, i seen it was not in PWM and didnt give 100 voltage to the pump causing it to disconnect every now and then, so I fixed it after and it stopped making the disconnecting sound and had no issues after that, so heres a lesson check the pc before returning it, it can be easy to find the issue than having to wait for months, due to probably back order. But I made sure to do a video everything was nicely done no scratches no finger prints on the glass and all specs are there so I still got to give this a 10/10 great job cyberpower!

2/5/2019 3:58:53 PM
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Unit came well packaged, but the internal Raidmax lighting strip does not appear to function. Other than that...I Like!

8/8/2018 11:59:38 AM
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It's everything I wanted for my PC. Thank you so much.

7/3/2018 4:57:58 AM
Customer Rating

12/26/2016 8:17:33 PM
Customer Rating

9/27/2016 8:21:41 AM
Customer Rating

One of the cleanest builds I've ever seen.

10/11/2012 9:59:27 AM
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  • Division 2
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130 Based on 1440P
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