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8/7/2019 7:17:46 AM
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7/5/2019 9:49:29 AM
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6/22/2019 3:41:52 AM
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3/23/2019 4:45:10 AM
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I like the system. It does exactly what I need it to do.

3/3/2019 7:19:21 AM
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Beast of a computer. Very clean wiring and amazing customer service. You guys killed it.

1/22/2019 4:06:39 AM
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12/27/2018 4:07:59 AM
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12/22/2018 2:32:28 PM
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The system itself is put together nicely and works as advertised. However, the trays used for the hard drives are very flimsy and snap out of place easily. Upon delivery, the trays had become completely dislodged and the hard drives were left sitting sideways probably due to shipping.

12/21/2018 10:33:14 AM
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few issues that i am still dealing with and its been a week since my first contact with tech support. 1. No Fan Controller for my cyberpower rgb fans 2. all the other RGB lighting is messed up, was not configured correctly. 3. Both free game codes do not work, i have talked to two different techs both said i would get new codes and i have not seen them yet. I would rate a 5 if tech support was able to fix my issues. they have not yet.

12/20/2018 7:44:08 PM
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12/18/2018 5:51:54 AM
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12/6/2018 12:43:36 AM
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11/29/2018 8:24:42 PM
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10/27/2018 1:00:51 AM
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10/20/2018 6:55:28 AM
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Love my battlebox. Replacing the 1080 Ti GPU for a new one because the Zotac amp seems defective.

10/16/2018 12:48:25 PM
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The machine seems very well assembled and is working very nicely.

10/13/2018 9:41:44 AM
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10/6/2018 9:38:44 AM
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System is Amazing!!

10/3/2018 2:22:36 PM
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9/27/2018 5:27:11 AM
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