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What is a decent price for a gaming PC? How decent a price is depends on many factors, one of these is if it’s good enough to play the game you like. A system decent enough for one game may not be decent at all for another game.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a gaming PC? In most situations you will not save much money when building your own computer compared to buying a custom PC from CyberPowerPC. In fact, we suggest you compare it yourself by using a tool like PCPartPicker to compare the prices.

Is 16 GB of RAM good? 16 GB of RAM is a decent enough amount that you probably won't run into issues with most games. Even 8GB in most cases is enough if you avoid having too many browser tabs open at once. However, for graphic design, video or 3D rendering, 32 GB more ideal.

What PC is best for Minecraft? At the basic level, you can get a way a system under $800. However, once you start doing things like using shader mod packs or raising thousands of chickens, the system requirements can start scaling up quickly where even top-of-the-line PCs can struggle.