VenomX Designed by Razer desktop PCs feature carefully selected components from the best manufacturers to ensure the unmatched level of quality expected of Razer products. From top to bottom, these PCs are designed to perform in all conditions while maintaining the style Razer is known for.

Processor choices from both Intel® and AMD are limited to options that will provide enough performance to tear through the latest games. The presence of only high-end graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD means it's literally impossible to configure a VenomX Designed by Razer desktop PC that won't provide acceptable frame rates at high resolution and quality settings.

Signature Razer design combined with insane GPU clearance, seven customizable expansion slots, front/top/rear radiator support, and an internal cooling system, The H440 - Designed by Razer is a platform to build endless possibilities.

Featuring the Triple-Headed Snake logo in the front and PSU panel, a sleek black matte finish, hexagonal mesh, as well as signature Razer green illuminated LED power button and underglow, The H440 - Designed by Razer is the silent predator custom built to complete any true gamer's ecosystem.

The NZXT™ H440 - Designed by Razer™ features a doorless, ODD-free front panel made entirely of steel while a large, full-view window reveals an interior specially engineered to make any build seamless and beautiful.

Razer was the first company to introduce peripherals designed specifically for gaming. They have more experience than anyone else - and it shows. Today, Razer's complete lineup of gaming peripherals, including mice, keyboards, audio, controllers, and mouse mats, is highly regarded for quality and design and constantly garners the praise of reviewers and professional gamers alike. VenomX Designed by Razer desktop PCs are paired with carefully selected Razer peripheral bundles to meet the needs of all types of gamers.

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