Mixing EVGA with VenomX results in an ultra-powerful, ultra high-quality small form factor gaming PC. Not only are we using the exceptional Hadron series SFF enclosures, we're also using the finest EVGA components inside the computer, including power supplies and graphics cards. You no longer have to wonder about which components would be the best ones to use - we're telling you: EVGA components.

There are two flavors of the VenomX Hadron series: Air and Liquid. Regardless of which one you chose, you'll get two high-speed USB 3.0 ports and a slot-loaded optical drive, and have the option to configure just about anything in your machine: full length graphics cards, overclocked processors, SSDs, and more. The Hadron Air will get you an incredibly small and yet well-ventilated stylish PC with premium air-cooled components and everything that comes with the impressive VenomX advantage.

The Performance SFF for Enthusiasts

The Hadron Series is a lineup of sleek and powerful SFF gaming PCs created and built for enthusiasts. Featuring the immaculately uncompromising EVGA Hadron gaming Mini-ITX chassis in Air or Hydro form, the CYBERPOWERPC Hadron can handle even the lengthiest of video cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan. The Hadron sets the standards for a true high-end SFF gaming PC combining a streamlined compact chassis, powerful Intel® CPU and next-gen performance graphics to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience in its class.

Deceptively Powerful

Beneath the elegant exterior the Hadron houses some of the most powerful computer hardware you can find. Intel® Express Chipsets provide the base for the Hadron gaming PC. 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Haswell gives you the computing power for work or game. Next-gen NVIDIA video cards ensures the best high-definition gaming experience possible with a plethora of GPU technology enhancements for beautiful visuals.

Completely Compact

Aside from its aesthetically minimalist and sleek design, the Hadron has all the full-sized desktop features you'll find in a compact chassis. The Hadron supports all the standard mini-ITX motherboards, fits most full sized graphics cards, have room for multiple hard drives and can support a multitude of air and liquid CPU coolers. The case also comes with a 500 watt 80 plus gold rated power supply; two USB 3.0 ports and a slot loading optical drive on the side of the chassis.

Hadron Hydro

Step up to the ultimate SFF experience with the Hadron Hydro. The Hydro edition features the same sheer elegance of the Hadron Air with a cool twist. The Hadron Hydro supports up to 240mm liquid cooling radiators. Option up with a variety of closed-loop liquid cooling or EVGA's specially designed water cooling kit optimized for the Hadron Hydro. Maximum performance at a diminutive size, the Hadron Hydro is primed to game.

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