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Silence is Golden

CyberPowerPC Noise Reduction Technology

Noise is a given on any PC. Many factors contribute to the noise coming from your system including: noisy case fans with inefficient bearings, mediocre cooling systems, GPU fans that are required to rev up when the heat rises, and fast spinning, high RPM hard drives. This issue is compounded in high end systems where more powerful cooling is required thus resulting in an increase in noise. CyberPowerPC's Noise Reduction Technology aims to reduce the noise emanating from your PC to provide you powerful yet tranquil PC operation. The Noise Reduction Technology allows you to keep your PC powered, silent, and cool.

CyberPowerPC's Noise Reduction Technology focuses on tackling the noises that gets pass through the system's side panels and noises from vibrations generated by case fans.

Sound Absorbing Foam on Side,Top And Bottom panels

Noise Reduction Technology utilizes sound absorbing foam that covers the panels of your chassis to provide quieter PC operation. With the sound absorbing foam installed, noises that normally pass through the solid side panels are reduced by 70% or more.

Power Supply Gasket

Along with the sound absorbing foam, the Noise Reduction Technology tackles on noises caused by vibrations with rubber power supply gaskets and case fan mounts. The rubber power supply gasket is fitted around the power supply to eliminate vibrations from the power supply.

Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts

Anti-Vibration Rubber case fan mounts dampen the vibration between the chassis and case fan and can provide up to a 10 decibel decrease in noise.

Enermax Ultra Quiet Case Fans

The Noise Reduction Technology uses specially selected Enermax case fans. These case fans are thermostatically controlled and move enough air to keep your system cool, while keeping noise to a minimum.

CyberPowerPC's Noise Reduction Technology provides the best solution possible for achieving improved noise reduction for quieter PC operation. To maximize and improve noise reduction, CyberPowerPC recommends Asetek's LCLC for excellent CPU cooling and low acoustic output.

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